Robotic Process Automation – Get Ready for the Next Revolution in Business

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The buzz in the IT world now is around Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which has the potential to upend business like nothing since the advent of the internet. Defined as software agents that are programmed to perform repeatable, rules-based tasks in business processes, RPA is already making organizations faster, more accurate and better able to scale their businesses to shifts in the market. Tanvir Khan, vice president, Business Process Outsourcing Solutions for Dell Services, talks about the value of the RPA solution and how it can help human labor rather than threaten it.


Samit Das says:

Gone through it fully today 7th April 2020. Liked it much

Reddy Pooja says:

Where do I get best blue prism practice certification ?

Ricardo says:

Well, people relationship is at one step to be extinguished.

Vinod Kumar says:

The guest responds just like a robot 😂

Job Connect says:

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tuwok maria says:

how it worka in Business

kevin john says:

Its nice and wonderful….

A Silverman says:

I need better subtitles to understand. I am deaf..

Gujju Pappu says:

sounds like dell wanna steal monry compared to competitors fir its name in rpa

P Bharti says:

1.I would like to know being non technical and carrying around 10 years BPO experience, how beneficial and successful it will be for choosing RPA as a carrier.
2. Though I know that most of the RPA tolls does not require any coding but is it recommended to learn some basic language to be more successful in the industry. Please help me with the information since I am willing to pursue for the course soon.

Gracie says:

Just a curious question. Would be great if someone could help to clarify 🙂
As quoted from the video "Nobody does data entry now. You have OCR. The document comes in, get scanned, document is in."
Understand that OCR is not 100% reliable. It depends on document quality, font type, font clarity, cursive nature of fonts etc… Is it really possible to eliminate data entry just basing on OCR? I would think human intervention might still be required?

mujtaba sultan says:

Sounds like Robotic Process Automation will take place of all humans in near future,well i have been to and they are doing good job in case of robotic process automation.

uday kiran says:

how are these videos made?

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