Robotic Process Automation Full Course – 10 Hours | RPA Tutorial For Beginners | Edureka

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This Edureka Robotic Process Automation Full Course video will help you understand and learn RPA in detail. This RPA Tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals who want to master RPA tools such as UiPath & Automation Anywhere. Below are the topics covered in this RPA tutorial video:
1:56 Introduction to RPA
2:26 Why RPA?
8:46 What is RPA?
10:16 RPA Tools
10:26 RPA Lifecycle
11:01 Discovery Phase
14:36 Solution Design Phase
17:35 Development Phase
18:16 UAT
18:51 Deployment Phase
19:21 Execute Bots
22:31 Introduction to UiPath
23:01 UiPath Studio
23:11 UiPath Installation
25:36 UiPath Studio Projects
29:46 UiPath Studio Ribbon Components
40:01 UiPath Studio Activity Pane Components
42:41 UIPath Studio Properties Pane
43:16 UiPath Studio Output Pane
49:46 UiPath RPA Architecture
50:11 UiPath Platform Components
50:21 UiPath Studio
52:21 UiPath Orchestrator
55:21 UiPath Architecture
58:11 Variables, Data Types & Activities in UiPath
1:03:11 Types of Variables
1:08:56 Data Types
1:10:16 Activities
1:12:16 Message Box
1:15:51 Write CSV Activity
1:18:56 If Activity
1:21:51 For Each Activity
1:24:41 While Activity
1:27:31 Do While Activity
1:29:06 Switch Activity
1:31:26 Automations in UiPath
1:31:31 Why Excel Automation?
1:32:21 Installing Excel Activities in UiPath Studio
1:33:46 Demo; Automating the Filling of a Form
1:48:06 UiPath Selectors
1:48:51 What are Selectors?
1:51:16 Why do we need Selectors in UiPAth?
1:53:26 Demo: Selectors in UiPath
2:21:51 UiPath Web Automation
2:24:01 Hands-on: Web Scraping of Google Contacts
2:24:01 Hands-on: Extracting Data From E-Commerce Website
2:46:26 UiPath PDF Automation
2:48:01 Types of PDF Activities
2:49:43 Demo: Extracting Large Texts
3:03:08 Demo: Extracting Specific Element
3:11:58 UiPath Email Automation
3:15:03 Demo: UiPath Email Automation
3:45:53 UiPath Citrix Automation
3:46:18 Automating Virtual Machine
3:48:53 Why Citrix Automation?
3:49:53 Hands-on: Simple Desktop Application
3:59:18 Debugging & Error Handling in UiPath
3:59:43 Debugging in UiPath
4:17:33 Exception Handling in UiPath
4:22:08 UiPath Tips & Tricks
4:29:28 Orchestrator in UiPath
4:33:38 UiPath Orchestrator Community Edition
5:06:23 UiPath ReFramework
5:06:38 Why Re-Framework?
5:08:48 What is Re-Framework?
5:12:38 How to use Re-Framework?
5:14:43 Re-Framework Architecture
5:18:11 INIT State
5:32:01 Get Transaction Data State
5:39:13 Process Transaction State
5:54:28 End Process State
5:58:18 RPA & UiPath Interview Questions
7:11:50 Introduction to Automation Anywhere
7:11:55 What is Automation Anywhere?
7:12:55 Automation Anywhere Architecture
7:15:30 Products of Automation Anywhere
7:23:50 Industries Using Automation Anywhere
7:28:05 Automation Anywhere Installation
7:44:50 Install & Setup Client
7:49:00 Control Room & Bots
7:49:35 Automation Anywhere Architecture
7:52:40 Control Room Components
8:02:10 Hands-on
8:06:30 Automation Anywhere Bots
8:08:00 Types of Automation Anywhere Bots
8:08:20 Task Bots
8:10:50 Meta Bots
8:25:20 IQ Bots
8:27:08 Products of Automation Anywhere
8:28:13 Automation Anywhere Examples
8:28:53 Windows Action
8:33:08 Mouse Clicks
8:35:58 String Operations
8:41:23 Files & Folders
8:44:38 Web Recorders
8:49:34 OCR
8:51:49 Key Strokes
8:53:14 REST Web Services
8:55:39 Excel Automation
9:04:14 PDF Automation
9:15:24 Automation Anywhere Interview Questions
9:17:04 Basic Questions
9:33:19 Tool-based Questions
9:57:04 Scenario-based Questions




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edureka! says:

Got a question on the topic? Please share it in the comment section below and our experts will answer it for you. Visit our Website for RPA Training Curriculum, UiPath – Automation Anywhere – Use code "YOUTUBE20" to get Flat 20% off on this training.

sweet ninni S says:

Thanks to edureka for sharing most useful knowledge in technology with us.πŸ˜‡πŸ“βœπŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

risheviswanath s says:

I have a doubt. I want to open the tally application using UIPath. When I try to open using start process by giving the path of the file, during run process, the browser opens with a link from UIpath stating 3rd party software will not be supported. I am using the free community edition. Is there a solution to this??
Thank you

srinath yadav says:

Is this video, enough to crack a interview on uipath.?? Or else we need to learn any add ons???

404 says:

How RPA is beneficial in Data Science?

Vishal Chauhan says:

What are pre-requisities to start this course ?

A.J says:

Is the recording feature removed in latest ui path studio version?

I am using below version.

Studio 2019.12.0-beta.61 – 12/16/2019

Community License

EXE Installer

License Provider: Internal

Activation ID: UIP-71fdecf1c1

Update Channel: Stable

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit

.NET Framework Version 4.7.2 or later

Vijayalakshmi Rajkumar says:

Thanks for this wonderful tutorial. I have a qn : The indicate element inside browser is not working for me sometimes. It just selects the complete screen. Can you please help? Tia.


writecsv functionality not working on my UIPath Studio Community Version.
Getting error "This control doesn not support data extraction". Kindly guide on this.

Guru Zonr says:

@edureka : Please make Complete Informatica Power Center Course

Poornima Prakash says:

I am getting an error as extract data table is not declared.It may be inaccessible due to its protection level.I am trying to do a data scrap and copy to CSV.Please asisst.

Yash Bansal says:

Team Edureka please clear my dought.
I am going to buy a new laptop.
And in future I am going to learn A.I. , M.L. , Data science, RPA, Android devlopement and many other thing related to technology.
I want to build my career in cyber world.
I am a college student.
But I want to work professionaly.
So please tell me the least specification of laptop in the budget of 45k-50k-60k
Please help, I am really confused what to do.


please Share the About Blue prism Excel Automation Reelected Topics

Alpana Jain says:

Hi, I have 15 years IT experience mainly in ETL/DB testing and currently I am into managing project deliveries, want to upgrade myself with latest technologies. Please can you guide how my current role fit with RPA, mainly jobs are for RPA developers or BA's. Is that right ?

Sumon Ahmed says:

Hi edureka,I am newbie & I want to learn Android app development, so how shall I can learn for professional.

Samaksh Goel says:

I have learn :
Excel Automation (Read/Write)
Web Automation
PDF Automation
E-Mail Automation

In UI-Path just from this video, thanks a ton team edureka

Komala Narpala says:

Does Ui path still have demand in the market?

Murali Sixthblock says:

I tried Flipcart search based on the email Subject. When I run sequence it goes email and next Flipkart and received an email attachment with an empty file. Help in to fix this.

Nitin Sharma says:

How to get Access database on my laptop.

Faizan Shaikh says:

I am a Java Developer with 5 year exp currently working in an MNC on Java, Spring & Hibernate technologies. I have been recently offered job role as RPA developer in the same office. Is it better to accept the offer or continue with Java ? I am confused. I neither hate nor love programming in java, but my aspirations are Job Security & High Pay. What should I do? Please guide.

Andrew Paul says:

Good Course… Thanks πŸ™‚ BTW, I have cleared AD01 exam with 93%, UiPath and AA last week.

vikas mahendra says:

In variable module, context is completely missing. Some use case and examples will help in making sense.

Skk Kks says:

Hi, Now when I have an idea about RPA,I encountered with this 10 hrs video which concreated my idea, enhanced my knowledge and gave me real scenarios to implete in RPA and it just after two hrs of watching this video,hope I will choose your full course soon.Thank you for enriching our knowledge.

Vaibhav Markad says:

My question is 1] when we need to do using uipath how to do transfer all the files to one file to another file excepting one or two file what can i do? which condition can i need get in if else acitivity?

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