Robot vs Doctor | Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Medicine?

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In this video, Dr. Webb talks about artificial intelligence and whether this will be the future of medicine.

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Luminescent says:

Becoming a inventor and engineer is by far the best for the long run because for all we know we could be replaced by a robot

Luminescent says:

Yes I'm a firm believer in that robots will replace human jobs I mean it's only a matter of time it may not happen in our lifetimes but that doesnt mean it wouldnt happen in our decedents lifetimes 🤔

Dr. Jahtka says:

M MBBS Doctor. I tell u truth. Doctors don’t know much. Robotic are far better than human beings. Scientists should deal with diseases. Then, they should deliver data to doctors. Doctors should confirm signs, symptoms & treatment of any disease after confirmation from computer updated saved data. Doctors prescribe medicine & accurate diagnostic tests.

Ojasvi Thaman says:

Well, if a machine goes mad, or a screw is loose during someone having a brain surgery, I hope that person survives lol

Filmon Tewolde says:

Here is a Physician saying Physicians will be replaced. Check out the video.

sanish pokhrel says:

So AI will not replace doctors but instead help them to be effective.

Ahmed Dfcvvtf says:

Why does nobody talk about the possibility of AI devaluing doctors and making them get less paid, since AI would make doctors' jobs much easier. On the other hand, the guys who are developing AI systems would be making the big bucks.

fili Dei says:

Why physicians should be paid for being empathetic. There are nurses who already fulfill this emotional intelligence role? AI will reduce the wages of physicians and lead to their job displacement. Not only that, the feminization of medicine will for sure reduce wages in that occupation.

Isaiah Francis says:

I don’t think AI won’t replace doctors. Doctors give human emotion and compassion.

To serve kids says:

Of course, you said "no… A.l will not replace doctors". You're saying that because you're in the medical field. I personally think it will reduce the employment rate of doctors.

Yavar Abgin says:

You're a life changing human, man!

Sean says:

Thanks for getting back so quickly Doc

amina a says:

Don’t think so

eduardo santos says:

I don’t think this is a good idea, replacing people with robots. We need jobs to take care of our family

Holly Starkey says:

This is a fascinating topic! I think AI will eventually reduce the number of healthcare providers needed, but it will be for the better. The outcomes of patients will improve, and healthcare providers will have a better work life balance. I welcome AI to the world of healthcare.

Imperfection_Beauty21 says:

Yes I just was listening to a podcast on the radio last week and the guy was saying how robots are going to be able to diagnose people.. I DONT NOT BELIEVE THAT.

THEsnakerjb says:

If A.I. could completely replace doctors then it could for any other profession

Queen Of Trades says:

I’m a fan of laparoscopic surgery so this sounds like a great idea but my concern is doctors becoming too reliant on AI. In terms of forgetting how to perform the tasks AI now does. Just like all systems, it will malfunction at one point even with regular maintenance. But on the other hand, AI malfunctions are less likely to happen compared to human error. A good compliment in deed it is.

peter says:

Hi doc Webb. I have a question, please, do you best to answer me.
I graduated community college, with very poor GPA, ( 2.5) now I transferred to 4 year college now, and I'm doin very very good. I retake most of the science classes and pass with As. My current GPA is 3.7. I'm working on extra curricular activities and so on. My question is do you think the fact that I did poorly in community college can hurt my chances of accepted to MS

Hidaj says:

AI won't replace doctors but it can also help the ever-growing need to them. Just like you mentioned Dr. Webb, doctors are consistently overworked. AI's can help mitigate this issue by acting as a credible source for many NP's or even PA's to diagnose and treat patients. Just like we have NP's who are able to become independent and often rely to work in cooperation with a Doctor, I believe that AI will act as the 'Doctor' when overlooking the work of an NP allowing for independence of practice.

Armadillo says:

A.I. is going to significantly impact EVERY career at some point, including medicine. I predict that we will see the first fully automated, A.I. directed surgical procedure in Veterinary Medicine within 10 years. Next, the medical device companies will begin experimenting with cadavers etc. I'd estimate that the first A.I. directed surgical procedure on humans will take place within 20 years. Eventually, computers and A.I. will be the new mid-level practitioner. For now, I see A.I. eliminating the need for contrast agents in imaging procedures. They will also be able to read and interpret images at a much faster rate. I can see Anesthesiology being almost completely automated with a computer monitoring and piloting the core part of anesthesia delivery to a point where a patient only needs to be intubated and hooked up to I.V. lines. A.I. can monitor oxygen levels etc. and be loaded with intervention drugs in the event of a routine problem. A.I. WILL be instrumental in solving the opioid crisis. Not only will A.I. be able to design an entire new, safer class of theoretical drug candidates that target certain pain receptors in the body but they will function as pharmacists as well. Common dosages for ALL drugs (and safer, cheaper alternatives) will be programmed into A.I. All prescriptions will be scanned by A.I., which will be connected to a DEA database, to check for proper dosage, route of administration, and potential drug interactions. A.I. will also be able to cross reference prescribed drugs with ICD-9 codes from your doctor and spit out better, cheaper, safer recommendations for drugs etc. I can see A.I. monitoring drug errors more closely to a point that EVERY error (especially those involving Schedule II drugs). Couple this with the fact that significant healthcare reform is on the horizon and the increasing scope and practice of mid-level practitioners….salaries and/or jobs will be affected. Within the next 20 years, A.I. will significantly impact how medicine in practiced in our country. Some physicians will like it and adapt to it, many will not. Many will decide that medicine is no longer worth it in terms or salary and increased regulation. The goal for the immediate future is to increase positive patient outcomes and reduce the cost of healthcare. A.I. and modern computer technology will play a large role in this.

Tyler Carrington says:

In our lifetimes ai will not replace doctors, maybe in a few hundred years…. if Earth even lasts that long.

No Debt But Love says:

I think A.I. won't replace doctors, will only make their jobs easier. I am concerned about the overhead and repair costs of these machines in addition to procedural materials/facilities costs that will be passed along to patients. These are start of the art machines, they can't be placed just in any facility.

joshjaydah says:

Great video

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