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I do not own this content. The original 10 hour and 45 minute video can be found here:

I simply stripped out everything that wasn’t robots doing stuff. Which was a surprisingly small amount of content given the original ~11-hour runtime. There was very little commentary in the original as well. I added all applicable audio.

Most of the robot footage is sped up as they move rather slow.

The original contains a fair amount of interviews with the teams so check out the above link for that content. This is little more than the robot footage set to music.

Music by Massive Attack. Album: Mezzanine



Ali Ismael says:

Learn to live peacefully with other people. Care for the poor. Stop being like a puppet, believing the media and learning shit at schools. Then so many things will change and no need of robots for saving people from disasters.

762bigt says:

I see the electrical tether so this is not AI this is someone controlling the movements?

Eduardo Rivero Galmez says:

Very Impressive and I cannot suppose how much work it took to do all this. But I don't see any Terminator like robot anytime soon. Beside all included in this video there's always the POWER problem. We cannot even power a cell phone for a day, So I wonder how much batteries any of this robot will have to carry to last a day. Of course it will be more size and weight of batteries than the whole robot.

DJ Moon says:

The music that you put with this is very annoying, repeating the same thing over and over, having nothing to do with robots even

Dan Dan says:

couldnt they just reanimate a dead human with cyborg boosters or somin

Codie Montr says:

so if your ever being chased by a killer robot head to the stairs

Ezequias Farias says:

So fucking slow 🙁

ScottaHemi says:

I'm a tad impressed they can drive a Ranger 900

the throttle response on those are pretty touchy

daweller says:

I think for the purposes like disaster relief and stuff like that… they should focus on FPV robots… AI is a whole different clucter f-ck, imho

Jebus says:

Wow, these robots really suck.

LoveStrangeDr says:

Did anyone else add dialog as the robots tried each challenge? When the red robot got stuck on the ladder and the engineers came to remove him, I picture him screaming "Nooo Let me go!"

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