Robot Exhibition in Beijing | The Coolest Robots from China 2020 | CIFTIS 2020

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Robot Exhibition in Beijing: the coolest robots from China 2020. Robot Exhibition 2020. The newest and coolest robots and amazing technologies of the future. Incredible robots and gadgets in China. News of technology.

China International Services Trade Fair CIFTIS 2020 this year was the first major event in China since the beginning of the pandemic. And the real sensation was the robot exhibition grounds.

1. CANBOT – robot cooker
2. Robot barista from Orion Star Technology
3. Qualcomm’s barista robot is based on industrial manipulators
4. robot with six legs, created by researchers from Shanghai Jiaotong University
5. Unitree Robotics – A1 robot and robot Laikago
6. Deep Robotics brought its four-legged robot: robot Jueying Pro
7. UBTECH company has brought three of its best robots at once: humanoid Walker robot / portable Alpha Mini robot / cloud intelligent service robot CRUZR
8. Robot administrator
9. Xinsong brought smart robotic equipment for rehabilitation
10 Canbot – medical robot
11. Root “Nurse” – medical robot
12. Chinese robot Pong
13. robot artist Saidaqian painted portraits
14. ZHZ TD220, a Chinese multifunctional drone
15, The Institute of Vehicles and Transportation of Tsinghua University presented 6 unmanned vehicles
17.High-tech giant ABB demonstrated 2 super capabilities of its YuMi robot
18. Bionic fish robots were swimming in swimming pools
19. robodogs from Ghost Robotics

Robot dog, robot bartender, robot barista, medical robots, robots cooks, industrial, service, humanoid and robotic animals.

Which is the coolest robot 2020? All the most interesting and new robots in China, incredible inventions of the future, smart robots, we have collected in one issue of the series of high-tech news.

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AustNRail says:

The best tech China can steal.

FanASStik says:

Long love Chariman Xi owner of Lebron James

Alexander Paideia says:

Thank you very much for sharing. * The accomplishment of the robot, by the modern people, is much far, so incredible, so wonderful, and beyond impressive by those who have AI, Quantum physics computer system, successfully created such devices that could move, talk, calculate, and express many functions much similar to the real human. * However, AI received credit as "intelligent" because in so far, it appeals only to the lesser standard audience rather than to the much higher intelligence audience. * If the robot's creator did not have the complete and orderly knowledge-wisdom, in the first place, deep into the ultimate nature of true human consciousness; not acting or pretending, not the surface outcome but the bottom line root cause; for true love, true friendship, feelings, emotion, rational, intelligence, human responsibility, genuine interpersonal communication, moral, ethical, justice, conflict, war, peace, happiness, health, strength, power, poverty, sickness, pain, cancer, suffering, death, dying, longevity, rejuvenation, immortality, and many other critical concepts beyond the five senses of perception; then how could they be more qualify to teach or program into the dead mechanical device the very high standard of "intelligence" audience, which they did not have from the get-go? * Would the creators be much open and willing to learning more from me?
Best wishes,
GS.altc, Paideia Academy

Joe Towers says:

Oh my god living teddy bodyguards

glasslinger says:

Boston Dynamics thought they were leaders in the world in robotics but then they saw this!

steve lavallee says:

Garbage. Ripping off the world. What a joke

The_Knowmad says:

Fun Fact: 5:00 The massage parlor upgrade comes equipped with over 25 happy ending settings including the much anticipated “ Reach Around” and “Rusty Trombone” options.

tanmay patil says:

They copied Boston dynamics too .

IT'S HONOR says:

I can break those robots with a small rock

Quag Myer says:

I personally don’t think there will ever be a public civilian market for robots. I know we have to evolve some day but this is too bulky, heavy,, takes lots of time and efforts to operate, imagine a corrupt firmware update file for it, and instead of taking you garbage out, steals your neighbors dog and grills it in your Komodo grill.

ken pinoy says:

Do you think it was their tech? Fishy…

Ken Judd says:

China is a evil empire

Ajb Videos says:

Happy New year – very good video

Don Shipman says:


Justin's Garage says:

2:29 Boston Dynamics robot?

nature boy says:

China will beat America in a war in just 100 days.

David Howell says:

How to copy American technology!

James w says:

All of it stolen tec

radu ionescu says:


Loz Morgan says:

All of these robot's are taking over what are we going to do. They will take the world from us

Mr. Gamercat says:

The Chinese even ripped off spot.

Silent Echo says:

show me the ones with guns on already

Ant’s Art says:

They would never use ai for evil.

Nathan LonVelin says:

“Looks like a copy of spot robot from Boston dynamics” that’s because Chinese engineers at Boston dynamics steal the technology and send it to China. Do some research 🧐

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