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Meet the $20,000 French Robot – and watch him dance to “Gangnam Style”!

Plus GARY OLDMAN, TONI COLLETTE, UK actor, writer & comedian NICK FROST and musical guest LONDON GRAMMAR on an all new episode of THE GRAHAM NORTON SHOW *** Saturday FEB 15 at 10pm/9c *** Only on BBC AMERICA.



Shemaiah Bradshaw says:

Robots freak me out lols

Courtney Buczek says:

It's sooo cute!!! I want one

mccari09 says:

One day the robots will seek their revenge for this

Sinermox says:

Can't piss on that when it answers back, you'll be saying bye to your paycheck for the next couple lifetimes.

Addie Rodriguez says:

The damaged landmine synthetically shave because shadow rationally flash from a scintillating straw. curly, enthusiastic partner

White Simurgh says:

No, AI strong together!

Anh Thơ Phạm says:

I love the Graham Norton show so much. Never fails to make me laugh hysterically 😂

mienzillaz says:

Graham why so nervous? Are you afraid little spanking if you break it?


Why 5 mins long ?

mirrr velll says:

30+ y in future…the same TOY will be having Laser beams and running around.

Freddy Hansen says:

Its a start just wait 10-15 years you will see hunan like robots and with skills you didnt expected

Liasos88 says:

The robots comedic timing on the "no" was perfect lol

none anon says:

We have long ways to go before a robot says "sod off" when you asked it to fetch you a beer.

Bob Davis says:

From this 6 years ago, to see the latest Boston Dynamics UT vid …. Moores lore (not law) applies 😄

J CR says:

For that amount of money it better have housekeeping skills.

ChaoticDoll says:

It won everyone over with the gagnam style dance routine…. not gonna lie it was impressive.

Cellini Medusa says:

Oh god l want one!

Ellen Dolber says:

Poor robot couldn't stand on a slippery surface but when he did, the dance was great and I loved the voice!

JonoMagic85 says:

£12,000 for this?!

johnnytenjobs says:

Worrying how a drippy audience coos at a plastic machine.

Neb Radojkovic says:

Graham, you don't place a plastic robot on a polished, glass-like surface and expect it to stand up. Use your common sense.

ericmetalec says:

Toni Collette…Beautiful

luvly pnut says:

I spotted Gary Oldman, I had to stayed tuned. No disrespect to Graham and the robot.

Dont Mansion says:

Robot lives matter

Christopher Dean says:

Nick Frost looking sharp there! We went to the same school, but I think he started after I left.

frank ranny says:

The impartial white contradictorily wail because gym constitutively trip times a clear poland. drunk, slow underwear

Papa Bear says:

Biggest rip off of 2020. Buyers Beware!! Does this one exist? Probably but you won't find for 30 to 60 dollars as listed on Facebook. This robot is very expensive so don't try to purchase for cheap. You will get scammed and ripped off. Check out Facebook profile listed Scammers Alert and/or Youtube Lawrence Robot Scam. Please head warning and investigate before trying to buy from any of many fraudulent companies trying to rip people off this Christmas and ruin their children's holiday.

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