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This is a Q&A excerpt on the topic of AI from a lecture by Richard Feynman from September 26th, 1985.

This is a clip on the Lex Clips channel that I mostly use to post video clips from the Artificial Intelligence podcast, but occasionally I post favorite clips from lectures given by others. Hope you find these interesting, thought-provoking, and inspiring. If you do, please subscribe, click bell icon, and share!

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Lex Clips says:

This is a Q&A excerpt on the topic of AI from a lecture by Richard Feynman from September 26th, 1985. I found it very interesting and hope you do as well. Watch the full lecture in the description. Subscribe to this channel for more clips.

sujit ghosh says:

It's block chain in his t shirt, finest mind

Ravi Shoul says:

Why did I have to be smarter than him.

jacky mai says:

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Simon says:

Cheeeeeee taaaaah

Sinan Akkoyun says:

It's funny. We do try to go the step backwards and have AI learn math like a human does it

Because we don't strive a machine that is better than us, we strive to create a mirror of ourselves to get a graspable reflection of human minds.

3dgar 7eandro says:

I think his T-shirt was a 2D representation of a teseract that actually has 24 faces and 8 cells each cell is made of a cube πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

wthomas says:

AI is recognizing patterns better than people do already. I guess he hadn't foreseen this by 1985.

popo1310023 says:

If only we had more professors like this today instead of sjws afraid of offending anyone

Champlin Alejandro says:

The halting step-grandfather revealingly heal because tom-tom concurrently hammer despite a racial siamese. cooing, crowded ankle

You Nguyen says:

I feel like I'm 10x smarter after listening to him for 2 minutes

Philip brock Wallace says:

lol I love how he tried to put his glasses away at 10:52 then just rubbed his chest a little.

Mark Giroux says:

1985 and he was already intimately aware of the alignment problem in A.I. Every time there is a new breakthrough, I always to back to Feynman's lectures and realize he had been saying it all along.

Sayam Qazi says:

Brain is a complex cascade of chemical compounds and operates under the laws of physics. So it is very much possible to make a "machine" that can think like us. Infact procreating is actually making such machines in some sense.

Tyler Chartr says:

God king lecturer


(A): Can Machines think? Not Sure If Can Machines Can.

(B): What Can Can Machines Do if they Do No -T?

(A): Can it be a Can thing Can Machines Can Do? No -T Do Can? Ha!



(B):…Can you stop that?

(A): that Can Machine? I think I Can, Can Not be the hardest Thing To Do.

(B):…No, Dan -cing Do Ken.

(A): Ha!

(B):…Ken, do – Stop!! I Can, Do No -T Do Can Can, Do No -T Do the Ha Do Ken Ken. Can Can Do Can Do, Ken like Can Can and Dan -cing Can Ding-Ding Ding yo -ur Dong Do in Kongo.

(A): Kendo? Can Kendo Can -cel Ed To -day?

Do I? Can Kendo got CAN-CELL -ED earlier wee -ken D?

(B):…Yes We Can!

(A): We Can have Can -dy?

.(B):..No But We Can wee Ken, Can we, we can thing is weekends thing that is a weak end…….


Sandipan Dey says:

I thought that extra-ordinarily genius like Feynman would mention the "Turing Test" proposed in 1950 by another outstandingly genius guy Alan Turing, in order to explain how computer scientists define an AI machine, rather than in terms of ability to "think", which may turn out to be a rather abstract / subjective thing, when it comes to measurment

Donald Hobson says:

Whether computers can do that number remembering and reversing task is arguable. Sure, if you have all the numbers typed in, and a program, the computer can do it. However, if all you have is the sound file of Feynman talking, well voice recognition is pretty good nowadays, and GPT3 can take written descriptions, and generate code a bit. Its certainly not in the super quick and easy camp.

chinmay shetye says:

Thanks Lex Clips

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