RHex Rough-Terrain Robot

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RHex is a 30-lb robot designed for mobility on rough terrain. It is operated remotely via an RF link that includes a high-resolution video uplink. RHex can operate right-side-up or up-side down, as shown in the video, and goes for up to four hours on one charge of its batteries. RHex has been around for several years, but we redesigned this version for ruggedness, long battery life, maintainability, and improved mobility. This version of RHex was funded by the US Army’s Rapid Equipping Force. For more information about RHex visit www.BostonDynamics.com.


Salmaan Shah says:

GOD DAMMIT, BD! stop giving skynet more weapons! how are we ever going to avoid complete extinction now?

Ramey Zamora says:

The sound helps tremendously to illustrate this mind boggler.

maurice meerts says:

how to kill terrorists in bunker complexes or underground send in this little cute dude with an 357 45 acp or 50 call or an silencer taser interrogation teqnicues and or equip with an bomb in case its descovered to erase tracks your welcome if you apply this idea give me money or else ill sue XD

H3llHoundd says:

He's waddling there

Rodrigo Graum says:


Titan Slayer says:

The future looks bright! These are our next leaders!

Next Star says:

Imagine this, but a real, fleshy living thing.

I wouldn't like that,

tal0716 says:

This robot gives zero shits about how goofy it is. It keeps on trucking.

Benton says:

That walk cycle is something out of Doctor Seuss.

lemmii koopa says:

He is non-electricuted

The Morning Sage says:

It's so quiet. I'll never hear it coming.

mirac baver ozturk says:

Looks like a disabled animal

George Soden-Freeth says:

That is adorable

Глеб Якимчик says:

Мне бы такого робота он бы мне еду к телеку подтаскивал

gibson995 says:

All that's missing is the David Attenborough commentary

Gabrulo says:


RedPoisonDragon says:

Looks kind of like it's marching.

Jason Nielsen says:

I wonder if this would work at a bigger scale. Its quite effective. Overall design is pleasing to the eyes.

evil nazi says:


Sahndy says:

This robot looks so done lmao

ChinchillaInTheHeat says:

it looks like a star wars droid

Capitan DeDPool says:

0:29 RHex heads into the sewers, for his quest to find the teenage mutant Ninja turtles has just begun.

First Surname says:

Stuck parts of the video skipped 😉

Aleksi Juhola says:

Thats one weird cat

Tommy Tucker says:

Hit it with a baseball bat and then see how clever it is.

Ao Tigris says:

Thats one fast robot


Robot RHEX vietnam version

Ibrahim Ismail says:

An excellent step to world domination.

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