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Xxyx says:

I would ask their favourite aunt's name during the Turing test.

M Perrin says:

One day… if we have our way , we will create a god-man…. and that god will be our technocracy

Kristen Marie says:

From the tower of babel until today when men believe they are gods they had better be prepared for the consequences of that disordered thinking. God will not be mocked

Harmony Gordon says:

Transhumanism. NO

jjdwf says:

I wrote a deeply disturbing novel about a pedophile satanist. I based this work of fiction on things a lot of people are saying about Malachi Martin. By writing fiction I have exposed him.

Antonio Simon, Jr. says:

20:35 – "What questions would you ask if you were trying to determine if it was a person or a machine?"

Q: "Answer truthfully, are you a machine?"

Regina says:

Technology to alter humans is satanic. That's the root problem… man wanting to Lord over himself.

bride of Christ alleluia says:

Wonderful presentation

Chazz King says:

Hey woman sorry to the pronoun police, do you think a program can make ppl believe they are the opposite sex, sexual insanity etc etc etc Oh nazis. Oh well yea I was called that for voting Trump.

Manofgod George says:

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Manofgod George says:

Really thanks to you sir I ma pleased to let you kwon that no one does it better than hackerdemo1on telegram on telegram keep the good workmoving๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

bride of Christ alleluia says:

If it takes over the nation. You will be surprised

Stopper Reed says:

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Stopper Reed says:

Iโ€ LL Never forget about the day I got the real legit software from hackerdemo1 service so much thanks youโ€™re a lifesaver life changer kudos keep your workmoving

Liam McCann says:

Thank you ever so much for such an insightful presentation. Many speak of the reality and evolution of AI, few speak in relation to 'artificial consciousness'. Perhaps in the next podcast, trans-humanism may be touched on? May the |Holy Trinity bless everyone at Sensus Fidelium for their ministry.

Computing The Soul says:

As somebody doing a Masters Degree in Computational Intelligence, I can tell you with certainty that Elon Musk should be ignored completely on this issue.

AI, however, is dangerous for other reasons. Mostly because of how good it is for automation.

Sue McEachern says:

Excellent podcast!

Steve says:

The philosopher had no idea what she was talking about.

Any philosopher worth their salt should immediately find the premise of an argument, and she did not do it.

This philosopher has no idea what she is talking about proven by the fact that she swallowed a false premise from the very beginning, and the false premise she swallowed is that you can use physical matter, a computer, to create things that exist but by their nature have no physical matter, AKA an idea.

Her entire dissertation was literally like asking what does the color red smells like. It is a stupid question because it shows one does not understand the definition of a color, and that it is interpreted through the eyes and not the nose. Red doesn't have a smell, it is a color not a scent.

Things that exist, but are not physical, are ideas, and parts of the Soul. You cannot measure the volume of love or tell me the weight of poetry, or the temperature of algebra, these are ideas.

Intellect, imagination, and Free Will exist but they don't physically exist. They reside in the soul and the fact that we are aware of our own thoughts and eternal ideas that do not change proves the existence of the non-physical.

The fact that there is non physical existence that does not change, example mathematics, one plus one equals two even if everyone in the world says that equals 3. This proves the existence of non-physical and eternal things, and a non-physical eternal things like math can only be produced and held in existence by something that is itself both eternal and doesn't physically exist, and that is how we prove the soul exists and is immortal because we recognize the existence of things that are eternally true like math. Math has to be held in existence, therefore the immortal soul exists. Non physical eternal things exist and reside in the soul, therefore the soul is eternal and exists.

Free Will is an attribute of the Soul, only living self-aware beings have a soul. No matter how powerful you make a computer, if you ask it what is 12 + 2, it will never tell you "no", this is because Free Will cannot be physically created, free-will by its nature is not physical.

A computer is made up of physical matter, it is an assembly of silicon, plastic, metal, and electricity. If you keep adding more plastic and electricity to the computer, it is like adding more springs and gears to a clock. Neither the clock nor the computer will ever gain intelligence or free will because intelligence and free will is not made of physical matter.

If you keep adding more software and lines of code to the computer it will not gain free will because software and lines of code are nothing but positive and negatively charged electrons that are interpreted as ones and zeros. Electrons are physical matter, that is why software code is physical matter. Intelligence and free will are not physical matter.

You can keep making the computer bigger and more powerful, but it doesn't change the fact no matter how much physical matter you accumulate together, it is not going to gain free will because free will is not made up of physical matter.

Artificial intelligence is an oxymoron, a self contradicting statement. It is like saying rules of Anarchy. It is impossible to have artificial intelligence because like things only come from like things. Intelligence can only come from another source of intelligence, which only resides in living self-aware beings that possess a soul.

It is also the same reason dogs will never become self-aware, because it is not in their nature. They do not have an eternal soul. It is the same reason a computer cannot become self aware, it does not have a soul, and you cannot produce non-physical existence, an idea, from physical matter like a computer.

Intelligence only comes from another source of intelligence.

This goes to show how blind, arrogant and stupid modern man has become. And don't even get me started on today's philosophers, they don't know how to find a premise and cannot reason their way out of a wet paper bag.

Modern philosophy has destroyed everything.

To his credit, the Priest did say artificial intelligence was impossible in the beginning of the video, he was right. And now you know why.

Le Roi Obi says:

I am in IT and strongly believe there are supernatural forces overseeing the functions of AI especially in respect to quantum computing. Please look into Dwave and its inventor Judy rose.

William F. Buckley Jr says:


I'm teaching my 9 year old God son a bit of baseball pitching, and the beginning of a near perfect fastball.

Guess what we aim at?
ALL of the talking toys that we WASTED money on.

Jonny Kaykorn says:

Xenobots, robotxx made of organic material, and MIC has technology light years ahead of the public, and its' all held tightly secret, it exists but its' not programmed by advanced algorithims, but terrible spirits. Mother Mary and Saint Michael defend us.

poetmaggie1 says:

I wonder if intellegence is natural

Steve says:

I have a bad feeling about this one. I wonder if they will have any idea what they are talking about, I guess I'll have to wait and see.

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