Reshaping the Future of Crime, Terrorism and Security – Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Recent technological advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics have moved these technologies away from the realm of science fiction and into our daily lives. The massive growth in computational power and increasing abundance of data have vastly improved the capabilities of AI and robotics, giving them more real-world applications. In light of this, stakeholders in both the public and private sector have begun to pursue these technologies with a view to revolutionizing fields such as healthcare, transportation, agriculture and the financial and legal systems, by enhancing efficiency, optimizing resource allocation, reducing costs and creating new revenue opportunities.

The technological advances taking place in the fields of AI and robotics can also have many
positive effects for law enforcement and security agencies, for instance in terms of identifying
persons of interest, stolen vehicles or suspicious sounds and behavior; predicting trends in
criminality or terrorist action; tracking illicit money flows; flagging and responding to terrorist use of the internet, and even contributing to international cooperation by supporting the research, analysis and response to international mutual assistance requests from the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL).

At the same time however, these technologies are only as good as the user that employs them. In the hands of criminals or terrorist organizations such dual-use technologies could equally enable new digital, physical or even political threats.

The event will seek to build upon the success of the UNICRI-INTERPOL meeting in Singapore by further raising awareness of the risks and benefits of AI and robotics for a crime, terrorism and security perspective and contributing to fostering a coordinated international movement on the issue. Key challenges, findings and recommendations identified during the UNICRI-INTERPOL meeting will also be spotlight and copies of the forthcoming meeting report will be distributed.

The event organized by UNICRI and INTERPOL, with the support of the Permanent Missions of Georgia, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates will have two substantive panels:

Panel I – “The Future, Today”
Panel II – “Facing the Challenges Together”

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