Reinforcement Learning for Trading Tutorial | $GME RL Python Trading

Heard about RL?

What about $GME?

Well, they’re both in the news a helluva lot right now.

So why not bring them together.

In this video you’ll learn how to build the beginnings of a Python Trading Bot using Reinforcement Learning. And better yet you’ll be able to do it by bringing in your own securities, in this case you’ll be working with Gamestop stock prices from MarketWatch.

The video doesn’t go through advanced strategies but gives you an idea of what’s involved to begin to leverage RL in a Finance/Trading environment!

In this video, you’ll learn :
1. Working with the OpenAI Gym gym-Anytrading for Reinforcement Learning Trading
2. Training a Trading Bot with Python Reinforcement Learning using Stable Baselines
3. Loading in GME Trading data for training a custom RL Trading Bot

Get the code:

0:00 – Start
3:12 – Installing Gym-Anytrading and Dependencies
5:06 – Importing Dependencies
9:09 – Loading Gamestop Marketwatch data using Pandas
13:51 – Pushing Custom Data into the Gym-Anytrading Environment
18:11 – Testing the Trading Environment
24:18 – Training the Reinforcement Learning Agent
31:55 – Evaluating Model Performance

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Happy coding!

P.s. Let me know how you go and drop a comment if you need a hand!