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To begin, what is regression in terms of us using it with machine learning? The goal is to take continuous data, find the equation that best fits the data, and be able forecast out a specific value. With simple linear regression, you are just simply doing this by creating a best fit line.

From here, we can use the equation of that line to forecast out into the future, where the ‘date’ is the x-axis, what the price will be.

A popular use with regression is to predict stock prices. This is done because we are considering the fluidity of price over time, and attempting to forecast the next fluid price in the future using a continuous dataset.

Regression is a form of supervised machine learning, which is where the scientist teaches the machine by showing it features and then showing it was the correct answer is, over and over, to teach the machine. Once the machine is taught, the scientist will usually “test” the machine on some unseen data, where the scientist still knows what the correct answer is, but the machine doesn’t. The machine’s answers are compared to the known answers, and the machine’s accuracy can be measured. If the accuracy is high enough, the scientist may consider actually employing the algorithm in the real world.



phoneAntics says:

If anyone's getting a "No module named 'Quandl'" error I fixed mine by changing all the 'Quandl's to lowercase.

Junaid Mahmud says:

I am a total beginner of machine learning, so I really don't know whether this will be a stupid question or not. I can not get the 'WIKI/GOOGL' dataset from the quandl. Can I do the same with any other dataset?
Thank you.

Kunal Damame says:

list indices must be integers or slices, not str,
i am getting this error in colab
plz help someone.
this is code
!pip install quandl

import pandas as pd

import quandl


df=[['Adj.Open','Adj. Low','Adj. High','Adj. Close','Adj. Volume',]]

df['HL_PCT']=(df['Adj. High']-df['Adj. Close'])/df['Adj. Close'] * 100.0

df['daily_PCT']=(df['Adj. Close']-df['Adj. Open'])/df['Adj. Open'] * 100.0

df=df[['Adj. Close','HL_PCT','daily_PCT','Adj. volume']]


Harsh Singh says:

Hey when I compile there is no error but there is no output also

Duck Dodgers says:

anybody found the dataset?
i cannot find it

sufyan dahar says:

Anyone know how can i get subtitles of these tutorials

sufyan dahar says:

sir your pattern is very good , but sir i need subtitles of your videos .please

sufyan dahar says:

sir i'm from pakistan , i need subtitles

ashutosh kumar says:

hi now quandl requires to have a log in profile

Real Mr Jangoon says:

I was able to access wiki/googl via python but couldnt find it anywhere on the actual website for the life of me

djfoo000 says:

The date is not appering as the row index for me when I print. I had to manually add a 'Date' key to the dataframe for it to appear. Otherwise the default row index is 0,1,2,3,4,5….

Ecliper 1 says:

I can't find the Wiki dataset on Quandl that he's talking about

Yong Choo says:

getting 'invalid key' on df = df[['Adj. Open'], ['Adj. High'], ['Adj. Low'], ['Adj. Close'], ['Adj. Volume'] ]… running in a python virtual env. Any Idea?

Yong Choo says:

getting 'invalid key' on df = df[['Adj. Open'], ['Adj. High'], ['Adj. Low'], ['Adj. Close'], ['Adj. Volume'] ]… running in a python virtual env. Any Idea?

Ân Lê Nguyễn Chí says:

Is there anyone who has download that dataframe? I try to use df = quandl.get("WIKI/GOOGL") but I get error

Sharan Doddi says:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "C:/Users/dhileep/Desktop/ML_NEW/", line 2, in <module>

import Quandl

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'Quandl'

This is the status when I import Quandl?
What should I do know?
please respond it will help me!

Aniket Jadhav says:

is it worth watching this series in 2020??

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