Project your brand into the future: Holographic technology 101

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Holograms : Tool or trend?

In 2015, the U.S. Census Bureau reported a Gen Z population of 73.61 million, just behind Millennials at 79.41 million, and far ahead of Gen X at 65.72 million. It’s estimated that by 2020 they will account for 40 percent of all consumers. Even more so than their Millennial siblings, Gen Z are digital natives, but their engagement with the digital world, and especially social media and social activism, is even stronger and more influential — and that’s how to engage them

In light of the changing demographics of today’s consumers, marketers and event agencies alike need solutions that cater to the short span of attention and added value on authenticity and personalisation.

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This poses a few challenges for corporate event planners and brands. In trying to appeal to multiple generations, planners need to remember that all attendees want the same thing; the awe factor, value, and authenticity.

“We want to leave better than we came. The biggest differential between generations is attention span.” In addition, there are the following variables have to be considered when judging the success of any event.

  • Cost associated with flying in speakers
  • Availability of speakers/CEOs
  • Engagement with audience
  • Brand recall post event
  • Creating a lasting impression
  • Communicating the brand message
  • Traffic and attendance at event

Considering these variables, a solution is needed that not only addresses engagement and personalisation but is also cost effective and provides a wow factor that dazzles attendees. Enter Holographic Telepresence technology. The technology has been invading the media by bringing deceased musicians back to life for one night only performances, wowing science-fiction fans on television and movies and even changing the way we video call friends and family. The hologram buzz expands beyond just entertainment, increasingly becoming a breakthrough marketing solution in many spaces including brand experience.

Why fly in a speaker when you can beam him/her in from a remote location?

Why depend on salesmen when the company CEO himself can give the brand keynote and product message?

Can you imagine the brand impact and marketing success you can achieve when you have a channel of communicating with your customers in a way they will never forget?

You DON’T need to imagine it. It is a reality now.

Holograms: The what, how and most importantly WHY

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“When asked about the next big marketing trend, survey respondents identified consumer personalization (29%), AI (26%), and voice search (21.23%). These top three responses, which total 75% of all AI applications, demonstrate that AI is more pervasive and prominent than respondents realize.” (Source: BrightEdge). This shows that the omnipresence of AI has pervaded marketing in a bigger way than expected. The level of personalization provided by AI is difficult to counter with traditional marketing methods. The marketing tools of today are AI, VR, AR and the sooner companies adapt to it the more they can differentiate.

AI coupled with Augmented reality gives rise to holographic telepresence technology which is created from Photorealistic Stereoscopic 3D Imaging It is a holographic image of live people with whom you can interact in real-time, irrespective of where they are. The image looks real from every angle, and to multiple viewers from different angles. This new technological advancement makes live two-way interactivity possible in the virtual realm to appear to be in reality.

The 3D imaging can be in real-time or as a pre-recorded video. Real-time presenters are able to see, hear, and interact with their audiences through motion tracking, gestures or mobile devices. This technology brings 2-way holographic interactivity to life and makes it possible for large events and conferences to gain access to speakers who might not be physically present. Or even alive.

Not Just a marketing gimmick…

Being Unexpected is one of the most impactful way to gain attention from your desired audience. Unexpectedness is almost inherent when we talk about holograms. This is simply due to the fact that holograms are not mainstream, and are thus a novel occurrence. In creating a hologram campaign, this trait is, for the most part, already fulfilled. The benefits of this technology are multitudinous for the future of engagement at events and physical spaces. Not only does it help save time and eliminate geographical barriers but it also captivates audiences with a wow factor and ensures an unforgettable event experience. The technology provides live capture and 2 way transmission. Talent is captured, broadcasted and displayed as stunning photo-realistic human holograms directly to multiple stage simultaneously with live 2-way interactivity.

Holographic Telepresence technology has the potential to address all of the above pain points for creating unforgettable event experiences for attendees.

Holograms can radically transform events and meetings. These ultra-enhanced holograms can beam:

  • Company CEO to address employees at different locations at the same time by being virtually present
  • Speakers and performers to events for a compelling interactive presentation, thereby saving the cost of flying and accommodation
  • Pre-recorded Holograms in information kiosks and exhibition booths can drive traffic. In addition, organisers can showcase the use of interactive visual aids on its 3D displays.

Holograms can upgrade any show floor, booth, session, or even meeting with their ability to enthrall attendees and forge lasting, meaningful emotions.

Take a step into the future of customer engagement with Winimy

Watch a snippet of this futuristic technology in action at Singapore a few months ago, The inaugural Deep Tech Summit at SWITCH, brought together leading thinkers and industry experts that fields like blockchain, venture building, medtech and artificial intelligence. Don Tapscott interacted with, and gave his live keynote speech to an enthralled audience via ARHT Media’s holographic telepresence technology brought to Singapore by Winimy AI.

With the help of our holographic telepresence technology, Mr Tapscott was able to appear live as a life-sized hologram, all while being located an ocean away in Toronto. He was able to see and interact with the audience just as if he were physically in the room, saving a great deal of time and costs on travel. The entire audience received his speech very well with many praising the technology.

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