Privacy and AI: A Panel Discussion with Subject Matter Experts

Synthetic Intelligence Forum convened a Panel Discussion about Privacy and AI.

Privacy is a critical topic for developers, users, and regulators of AI solutions. Regulatory regimes, such as the General Directive on Data Privacy (GDPR), impose strict penalties and harsh sanctions for violators. The co-evolution of increasingly sophisticated AI applications and comprehensive privacy legislation have created many opportunities and challenges for stakeholders of AI technologies.

Panelists in this discussion included:
• Ikjot Saini, PhD (Assistant Professor, University of Windsor) –
• Sepideh Ghanavati, PhD (Assistant Professor, University of Maine) –
• Maryam Salehijam, PhD (Mentor, Founder Institute; and Advisor, Paqt) –

The moderator is:
• Vik Pant (Founder, Synthetic Intelligence Forum) –

These subject matter experts discussed the application of mission-critical, industrial-strength, and production-grade privacy solutions in organizational settings. The format of this conversation was a free flowing and easy going discussion between the panelists. Panelists discussed common governance and compliance problems in the industry as well as state of the art privacy techniques that are relevant for AI use cases.

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