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Great Learning brings you this live session on ‘Predicting COVID-19 With Machine Learning’.In this session, we will take a COVID-19 dataset and understand how the disease has spread across different countries.

We will perform some data manipulation and data visualization operations on top of the dataset. We will also be implementing a linear regression algorithm to understand the number of active and recovered cases

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The data-set used is from ‘Our World in Data’. You can download the dataset from this link:

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Great Learning says:

Get the pdf of this course:
Also, you can enroll for any of our 80+ courses offering 1000+ hours of content for free.

Fahim Hossain says:

I notice that, your videos are noisy (Audio Problem) . Why "Great Learning"?

kasuvu priya says:

What are the modules used in this project sir

Pritam Sarkar says:

Downloaded the dataset from given link but showing different plots

Indrashis Bhadra says:

The barplot lines with coloured bars according to the legend date , I am getting only white lines. why? please suggest why it is happening?

Malik Hamza says:

31:29 You should use Capital O instead of zero. It will not give error.

Mayank Asnani says:

while fitting, it's showing that the dataset contains NaN, infinity or larger values for float64. How to correct it?

dhiraj shrestha says:

How can we predict the mortality chance of people using machine learning can you such video

Kamal Pandey says:

I am getting error in some lines can anyone help

Sabir Technical says:

Detection of Covid 19 using X-Ray Images

Project Domain / Category

Image Processing

Abstract / Introduction

Functional Requirements:

1. Take input as X-rays images

2. Load any pre-trained neural net

3. Calculate the performance matrices i.e. true positive, true negative, accuracy, precision, recall,F1.

4. Show the results in tabular form and graphically.



Any tool according to the requirement of the project

Sabir Technical says:

you can make the student project about —> Covid Detection using Machine Learning ???

Kruthika πŸ‘‘ says:

Can we submit tis project as our final year project??


Is this can be used as a minor project???????

NoorUsSaba Khanzada says:

impressive lecture very very nice lecture i have some question could you please answer it?

Rohith Reddy Mahakala says:

sir how to do random forest regression for the smae dataset

Vikas Kulshreshtha says:

Sir I have downloaded the dataset from WHO website. But when I am running the command "india= df[df["Country"]=="India"], it is showing Key error which means that country is not the part of dictionary. Please tell me the solution how to rectified it.

Komal Patel says:

You should also explain how to improve model.

World of art and creation by Shreosee says:

sir while i am importing the dataset which u have .sir after that while running the codes then its showing that plz defind covid . can u plz suggest y and how ur codes can run and display an output ..

Manish Sharma says:

Hi Sir, How does the Machine learning differs from the Data Analytics when we talked about regression. One can call it a analytics.

Upendra Upadhyay says:

I have some issue in coding part in converting date to datetime
#converting string date to date-time
import datetime as dt
india_case['date'] = pd.to_datetime(india_case['date'])
india_case.head() SettingWithCopyWarning:
A value is trying to be set on a copy of a slice from a DataFrame.
Try using .loc[row_indexer,col_indexer] = value instead

See the caveats in the documentation:
This is separate from the ipykernel package so we can avoid doing imports until
Please provide solution to email

Abhilekh Behera says:

1:07 i guess you wanted to take hue as location and x as date?

NEBIR says:

at 32:00 that is capital O not Zero

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