Power Virtual Agents and Omnichannel for Customer Service

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In this video I show how easy it is to create a Power Virutal Agent (BOT) and handoff to a human agent using Omnichannel for Customer Service within Dynamics 365.


Prakhar Mathur says:

Hi Neil, Thanks for this video it is very useful. I am facing one problem, i have created my PVA which i have published in one of my power apps portal webpage by inserting Iframe. I am unable to trigger the handoff to the Human Agent Queue. Is there a specific step that is needed other than what you have demonstrated in this video?

Saurabh Navangul says:

This is good..but has some prerequisites for proper functioning. You should do a video on how to be able to make this work with trial licenses,if there is a way along with the prerequisite configuration …or if one has MS365 Dev license, is it possible to make this work.?

Kent Weare says:

Thanks for these videos on OC+PVA. Very useful and I appreciate them.


May I get the code snippet of it?

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