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Close presents Pie & AI: Real-world AI Applications in Medicine. We’ve gathered experts in the AI and medicine field to share their career advice and what they’re working on. Come celebrate the launch of our new AI For Medicine Specialization and hear from experts in the AI and medicine field.

Agenda: PDT (*subject to change)

MC: Ryan Keenan, Director of Content at

10:00-10:15: Opening Keynote: Eric Topol
10:15-10:45: Panel discussion: Eric Topol, Andrew Ng, Lily Peng, Pranav Rajpurkar
10:45-10:55: Q&A (I)
10:55-11:05: Keynote Speech: Andrew Ng
11:05-11:15: Mini course demo: Bora Uyumazturk
11:15-11:25: Q&A (II)

For more information about the event, please visit here:

Course 1 and 2 of the AI For Medicine Specialization is available now on Coursera! The third course will be available by the end of May.

Enroll in the AI For Medicine Specialization here:
Check out all our courses:



fgfanta says:

Good to see Ryan Keenan here. He has done a great deal of good to the teaching of machine learning.

fgfanta says:

Informative and interesting, thank you. And it can get so compelling, when presenters are not reading from a script.

Pranab Sarma says:

Hey everyone, I have a Project on Image Segmentation for Cancer Cell Detection using Deep Learning. Can anyone suggest me some courses and tell me about tools that I will need and how should I start with this Project ?


I will meet you

Chris Lovejoy says:

Really great webinar!

Has any done the Stanford course?

This one:

Sanket Dighe says:

Very interesting!!!
…Love from India

Geoffrey Anderson says:

OVer-compressed audio makes it difficult to understand words.

Mihaela Lekić says:

This was the best webinar I've ever watched. Still under its influence. Thank you!

Leonardo Flores Lagunes says:

Greetings from Mexico! Excellent perspectives, keep this good work

Etienne Ekpo says:

Thanks a lot for sharing those valuable contents.

Gigi Datta says:

Thanks for sharing. Working on healthcare project is one of my dream. I'll definitely enroll AI for Medicine.

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