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Named one of Fortune’s “50 greatest leaders of all time”, Peter Diamandis is disrupting education and business through his 19 startups and his role as founder and Executive Chairman of the Xprize. Guided by the stories handed down from his father, he used medical school to launch his space exploration and is now a multiple New York Times bestselling author . Dive in with Peter and Tom as they discuss the importance of cultivating passion, curiosity, and grit in this compelling episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu.

Peter recalls leveraging familial pressure to become a doctor as a stepping stone toward his true desire. [2:43]
Peter talks about cultivating the drive to move in the direction of his passion. [6:01]
Peter recalls how his father’s stories shaped his worldview. [10:44]
Tom and Peter discuss why telling stories is the best way to encounter a growth mindset. [16:12]
Peter reveals the three most important things to nurture in any child. [19:30]
Peter spells out the most important elements of thinking like an entrepreneur. [23:57]
Peter digs into his fascination with Star Trek and bridging the gap between science fiction and reality. [25:38]
Tom and Peter dive deep into his passion surrounding stem cells and human longevity. [33:20]
Peter discusses societal changes involving technological unemployment. [43:28]
Peter talks about enhancing human intelligence and plugging into meta intelligence. [47:45]
Peter explains why he believes we are living inside of a video game simulation. [52:54]
Peter defines the impact that he wants to have on the world. [57:18]

Bold – [2:06]
Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think – [2:07]
The Poor Man’s James Bond – [4:35]
Fahrenheit 451 – [46:49]
Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow – [49:48]
Einstein’s Intuition: Visualizing Nature in Eleven Dimensions – [55:27]

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)- [6:40]
Space Generation Advisory Council – [18:34]
International Space University – [18:36]
Blue Origin – [33:44]
Space X – [34:20]
Kernel – [48:34]
Neuralink – [48:36]

Dean Kamen FIRST Robotics Competition – [22:33]
Tricorder Xprize – [28:08]
The Visioneers Summit – [30:00]

Jeff Bezos – [6:50]
Gene Roddenberry – [26:27]
Elon Musk – [34:10]
Ray Kurzweil – [48:09]
Bryan Johnson – [48:34]
David Foster Wallace: This Is Water- [50:11]
Thad Roberts – [55:00]


Human Longevity, Inc. –
Singularity University –
Planetary Resources –

Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of 2014 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion — and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. Impact Theory is a first-of-its-kind company designed to facilitate global change through the incubation of mission-based businesses and the cultivation of empowering content. Every piece of content Impact Theory creates is meant to underscore the company mission to free people from The Matrix and help them unlock their true potential. Impact Theory exists to inspire the next generation of game-changing companies and creators that will make a true and lasting impact on the world.






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Learn English with Movies says:

This video deserves more views!

Mahdi Noghrehkar says:

Tom I recently watched a video in which you answered someone’s question on three books to read (1- Mindset, 2- Bold, 3- Linchpin). Since I had read the first one (thanks to you), I started reading Bold. For anyone who has not, do yourself a favor and read it. I literally could see the mindset shifts taking place in me (which is usually not the case with mindset shifts until afterwards and in hindsight). Time to read Linchpin 😁

Daniel Nicholas says:

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Jessica Zacatzontetl says:

Thank you 🙏

Jenny P says:

Amazing interview! Tom, that final closing speech was out of this world!

Lorena Fernandez says:

Interesting topic!
I recently watched a relevant video on the pitfalls of AI and the importance of educating ourselves on the intentions behind AI companies and what their consequences can be for our human species. This is a relatively new field and its worth considering a holisitic perspective of it, as we should with most topics as critical thinkers. This video’s called “addressing the pitfalls of AI (a spiritual perspective)” by Gigi Young.

putheflamesou says:

Cheaper and cheaper to live…NOT NOT NOT….too many regulations no liberty. It WAS WAS WAS cheap to live. Taxes are killing some and making other RICH RICH RICH. Tax payer paying jobs are the only ones that have healthcare retirement and literally you don't have to work(The Club-George Carlin), have no responsibilities(spend spend look important), have no experience or talent or care of efficiency…..and think you guys are laughable…until they brainwash people to think THEY are the founders of what you are saying and enslave their unliberated and FORCE them to follow and pay for them……until we get off money….and we have to do it correctly..

putheflamesou says:

GOOOOOOD I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

putheflamesou says:

Best interview ever. Thank or that. We are wasting what is really to be mined here on The Ball. Peoples intellect. The Venus Project for the UWYouthORG a generation to silence their inheritance like 1989 China. TVP for the youth, free the old from the broke(n) carbon farmed infrastructure proven unsustainable on a Titanic ride under cloud. What vs 21 years and ongoing of bridge repair. Age of Irony, Disruption, Nothingness, Truth and the final test(sprinkle in Unfuntionality), Infinity if we make it. This absolutely means no money or minimally no stock market as we know it. Tech/labor/physical fitness training 3 to 4 years(after correct pre-teen growth), while learning and experiencing life and the universe. TVP=Ed/health/Earth/Universe. Lovin AI because it will make the ""LOOK AT MEEES" and flush em down the drain like the dumb pathetic racist enslaving…..Many many more/you get the pic….biotches they are. We are to work together with truth, the ONLY hope for love.
writing as listening the first time….advertising choices…THIS IS GETTING GGGGGGRRRRRREAT!!!!!!!!!!BINGO BINGO BINGO. We are not scratching the surface but as we are just making it rather dirty. What is the evil hear…?????????????BINGO

Vaibhav Anand says:

What after Singularity ? How Not Let Artifical Intelligence Destruct us ?

Alexander Berhane says:

It's okay to be fail, but it's even better to succeed. Love that!

Epic production says:

Peter Diamandis he trying to rule and destroy the world not to save wake up people don't be manipulated by evil
He trying to look like he wants to save the world but he took it in wrong bad way he never gonna be like he's dad…. he's dad used to said "don't give up" but he alredy give up to be human and become robot and he can't save the world without GOD!!!!!! Peter Diamantis is nobody all he want to sucseed for hem self

Chad Fischer says:

first 2 minutes of your video and ive already committed to never watching another video from you again. I only stayed to get the proper pronunciation of Mr Diamandis' name, now I have to find another source cause you're clearly not credible! Fix yourself man!

Chad Fischer says:

You also messed up the name of your interviewees book! man, whos gunnin for your job?!

Chad Fischer says:

You and your audio guy should be slapped for letting you wear fake dog tags with your lavalier

Suchitra Abel says:

This is a good idea.

By doing proper modeling (and associated programming) based on A. I. one can show the vulnerabilities of many current companies, and of the economy on the whole
. My research can help with this.
My approach is consistent with the ideologies of INET. It should have wide impact.

Vinzenz Wagner says:

Mind blowing! Thank you internet – I feel better now

Jerry Bender says:

if u create a tru gen AI then maybe u wont need money anymore I think he and others are correct on this possibility

Ayo D Adesanya says:

thank you tom, this stuff is changing my life. im on a marathon man! no holding back!

Kelvin Nguyen says:

Brownie points for the star trek references. Also for stating there is no money. Not many people know about that in star trek!

Daniel says:

he´s amazing what an intro !!!

budes matpicu says:

oh boy, these "problem solvers" and other world saviors…usually one of them comes up with some "final solution"

blackneos940 says:

This guy is proof that you don't need Mountain Dew or Coffee to be passionate. 😀 Caffeine-free Programmer here. 🙂

Loveena Saran says:

How is it that there are so many companies aimed at science and learning but on ground the change is only for the people who can afford it ?

zzz says:

I like this until Tom spit out his personal opinion about religion. Please respect other people beliefs!

Mokhdum Mushrafi says:

Mr. Peter Diamandis , I adore you so much. My language fails to articulate that. I have composed a poem in your language that has focused and highlighted your active dream. Let me send it to you satisfy my passion.
Coming of myself and all

Connected yet alone

we will traverse in time together

with soothing waves of pleasant ups and downs

of joy and aesthetics weaving the wings of intellect and emotion

to diffuse debates for consensus all over,

the consensus that showers lively tranquility

and never gets crushed by whims or authority

or cruel and ugly power.

Quarrels will be in zoos

and war a forgotten history of backward days

never to get resurrected to ignite passion humane

and its blossoming glory.

The crown will be heart, the crown will be soul,

against the epitaph of chaos and anarchy that kept hidden

in the jungles of horror all that is man.

The dawn is shining in the dormant dynamics

where tech is taking us to

fast, fast and faster that even dreams can’t configure.

* *


Prof.DR.Mokhdum Mushrafi

James Tocher says:

Threw a bomb in his pool and cracked it in half?
sounds like a job for FLEX TAPE

TheEtrepreneur says:

1. AI goes mainstream, 2. As it takes jobs exponentially (or at least politics makes it look like), 3. The solution will be universal income (or global income), 4. For this to happen, the option is to implant the chip on the user's hand (universal income will be optional, the implantation most probably not). That's a nice science fiction scenario 🙂

melovinci says:

Tom, for the answers you seek regarding life as a simulation, and what is time, PLEASE read Thomas Campbell's "My Big T.O.E.", the Theory of Everything that Einstein spent his last decades looking for.

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