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A panel of international experts on Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques applied to Environmental Sciences, including government, academic and private sector, will discuss the role of AI on current applications, and will provide their perspectives on the challenges and potential applications of novel AI methods. The panel will discuss regression and classification-based approaches, as well as examples of supervised and unsupervised learning problems. Specific examples, best practices and lessons learned will be highlighted. Outcomes from the session will be used to provide a framework to facilitate the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Environmental Science research initiatives.



Chris says:

If you really want to have the public become aware of the information, it would be good to edit (not 9+ min of dead air), and to ensure the volume is adequately loud.
When listening to the first speaker, I was left with a question in my head – does this guy ever get out in nature? Living in stochastic model land and talking about better modeling systems.
While I laud the effort to model weather events more accurately and fully recognize the importance of being able to effectively communicate those findings to the public in a timely manner, I am less of a believer in models (although they do appear to be increasingly accurate) and more a believer in real world observations. If one listens to folk who are out there collecting real data in the field and reporting the changes they've seen over the course of their careers (from a range of fields of study), the implications are frightening.
I'm no PhD holder, just a guy who is interested in learning about a wide range of subjects and doing my best to try to piece together how those various disparate subjects interact and influence each other.
Unless we address our pollution and population problems, our inevitable destination is clear, whatever its timeline.
I wonder if we haven't been too smart by half…

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