Outsourcing Humanity: Do Algorithms Make Better Decisions Than People?

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While artificial intelligence lacks empathy, reason, and even basic common sense, we already rely on it to make major decisions that affect human lives. Who gets hired? Who gets fired? Who goes to college? Who goes to jail? Whose life is saved by an organ transplant? Whose life is ended in a military strike? Machine algorithms guide us in all these decisions and, as our group of leading researchers will demonstrate, they often do a better job than we do. Good or bad, this train has left the station, so jump aboard for an eye-opening look at the brave new world of today… and tomorrow.

This program is part of the BIG IDEAS SERIES, made possible with support from the JOHN TEMPLETON FOUNDATION.

PARTICIPANTS: Ron Arkin, Jens Ludwig, Connie Lehman, Shannon Valor

MODERATOR: Meredith Broussard

PARTICIPANTS: https://www.worldsciencefestival.com/programs/outsourcing-humanity-do-algorithms-make-better-decisions-than-people/

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Orcvs Ivstitia says:

Giving people homes isn't working in NYC lol
Gun Reform has absolutely nothing to change the outcomes in Chicago.
Think about how terrifying it is that these "AI experts" refuse to see that massive gun reforn has done nothing to curtail gun violence in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore ect and so.
These are supposed to scientist, scientific method using humans. "we need more gun laws to end gun violence" Tons of legislative bodies have enacted these laws. Gun violence continues to go up. Their answer "We need more gun laws reform, restriction ect"
It's fucking terrifying. The only places that have a low instance of "citizen" driven gun violence are totalitarian states. It should shed a shiver down your spine like looking at a lose Lion five inches from your face.

Orcvs Ivstitia says:

In the coma case the algorithm wouldn't he the problem in that case. The DA charging a person defending someone from an attacker is the problem
There is no zip code segregation either. Segregation was a governmental instituted process that kept races separate. A person means to live in one location or another. Has more to do with choice on average than any Government policy.
If that's wrong. It means you believe it's intentional. So that means those people living in any given zip code is doing so because they have no free will, no agency and possibility of effecting their own lives. That's the most Racist, arrogant and sublimely malicious thing I can think of.
In saying that do I mean to suggest that luck, happenstance or CHAOS has no input to these outcomes. Intent of malevolence is what absolutely reject and further I reject. Any plan, scenario or institutional function that doesn't take into account human accountability. Outcomes in a humans life on average have mostly to do with their actions. That's a fact these people seem to want to want to avoid admitting.

dustman says:

What disturbs me is that people like this think that they will be in control of AI. Once AI reaches a certain level it will be able to manipulate you in such a way that you will have no defense. Imagine the not-so-distant future where AI will certainly have reached a level beyond that of a human, and where our understanding of human behavior has also reached a much higher level, now feed all that knowledge into the AI. Would you be able to defend against a super-intelligent machine that has a perfect understanding of human psychology? Imagine Albert Einstein times ten that can run billions of scenarios a second but instead of a physicist it's a psychologist. Even people as intelligent as these are letting their belief in their own superiority color their judgement, letting their ego overrule their intellect.

dustman says:

Do the X-rays potentially cause cancer in breast tissue?

Richard Koenigsberg says:

Human responsibility for AI. Good point.

62maybiesjr says:

Examples instead of rules. This needs transparency, period.

HeadOfaMachine says:

This is a very strange panel, very different from what I've seen from this org, full of agenda and politics and is actually pretty scary if it really reflects the people actually developing this tech.

Sam Ueel says:

who's here from covid algorithm?

Katie Kat says:

I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 37. My story is like the lady she describes. Because you could feel the bump I when for an mammogram, 3 years in a row before it was diagnosed. It the end the mammogram never did pick it up but luckily for the last 3 years in a row a simple ultrasound had seen it but the ultrasound was dismissed because the mammogram was negative. Well, I did have breast cancer. It was a stage 2 1/2. They add the 1/2 to the 2 because although it didn’t look like the cancer made it to the lymph node, the cancer had entered the lymph system and was on it’s way to the lymph node. If I had had a better radiologist and radio-technician my diagnoses could have been a stage 1 instead. Luckily on the 3rd year I went I had 2 different people do the mammogram and ultrasound and didn’t already have my answer for me before they ever touched me.

Should I find my tests and records from back when those 3 years happened and send them to this lady so she’ll have some more real data to use. It would bring my breast back. And it won’t erase all the damage that i still have effects from even 13 years later. But maybe it could save someone else’s life and maybe they will catch the breast cancer at a lower stage so that chemotherapy wouldn’t be needed. Chemotherapy will changed my life so much to the point that I have a very bad quality of life. This happens a lot but people are too ashamed to talk about it because you are supposed to be so grateful to be alive no matter what the trade off is. I don’t mind having my breast removed but I do mind the constant pain I am in because of the neuropathy that lessened but didn’t go away. I mind that the chemo went in and messed up a lot in my head. “Chemo Brain” is well known. I used to be very intelligence and had a lot of confidence. I am now more of a forgetful scatterbrain who has a hard time making decisions. I also lost all my confidence that I had at work. I was an R.N.. I also lost confidence in socializing and have sufferer with depression for over a decade. The depression is not because I don’t like myself in the mirror. I have no problem with that. The depression comes from my brain being disturbed by the chemo therapy. Because logically I can see I shouldn’t be depressed but still I am. If they had taken this seriously the first year my story might be completely different because they should have trusted the ultrasound even to have done a biopsy. So I would love to save some other women with this.

artiyom says:

I can't believe they managed to squeeze in so much politics into what was supposed to be the most non-political discussion… common people, we get it, you are all Democrats, but why can't you just stick to the science?

Ana Gabriela Ayala says:

I love the way you approach subjects. Is very useful. Thank you!

Chris Weber says:

Wrong. You don't end homelessness by giving people homes. Wrong

Seid Hassen says:

The Inventor and The Fashioner that makes you invent and able to fashion

vallab says:

This is a really good AI debate by the World Science forum.

250txc says:

Wow… What an intelligent conversation and intelligent people expressing these concepts of mankind. Can you imagine people of this quality and intelligence in our entire Congress and the WH? God knows how well off we could make our lives and the lives of so many around the world. My hat is off to all them and the narrator also.

250txc says:

At the 23:00 mark, this lady goes on to say this is not magic and not perfect. Please, people understand her words. This is all software programming written by humans. It is buggy at best!

250txc says:

Hate to be a realist here but how do people make so many bad decisions minute-to-minute in real life?

These people are very smart and have very good ideas and have high morals and empathy and want to help all people. BUT, this is not the reality we all live. The USA is the only 1st world country that does not provide health care to its citizens. The WH has been acting to destroy our health care system that is our 1st attempt to help all people, ESP the poor. This is our reality today.

A patient cured is a customer lost. This is the sad fact of commercial medicine that we live in today.

Erik Žiak says:

To answer the question in the title: No. Algorithms make decisions that are less biased by many subconscious processess within our own decision making. Algorithms have no seconds thoughts, no personal beliefs, no political or racial views. They also lack common sense. That is why they outperform humans in processing speed but in some cases fail catastrophally to make an obvious correct decision.

TryllaTröllMaistre Fictitious Fables of Europa says:

Creditors vs debtor's
Is bifurcating soiciety
This is a distraction

Leigh Jenkins says:

You can fine tune an algo to your agenda. Sick of the censoring and manipulation to be honest.

Redlioness 2019 says:

AI's are going to be a force; a show of strength and humans will be its victims.

Redlioness 2019 says:

Deep state military complex are itching to role them out. Something on the horizon.

Redlioness 2019 says:

AI in the criminal system…. how will that work? What if a psychopathic narcisstic programmer installed predictive logarithms in order to ignore innocent detainees?
Computers have no emotions or instincts , just preprogrammed applications based on its algorithmic predictive decisions computing implified definitive courses of outcomes suggests that the human mind has already become retarded on the emotional level. Talk about passing the buck. COMPUTERS GET HIJACKED THEREFORE THEY ARE CORRUPTABLE.

Redlioness 2019 says:

So you give an algorithmic computer free will to learn and to problem solve .. Soon AI super computer will be the No. 1 controller over all other computers. Fully trained to outsmart all living species.

Toan Ly says:

humanity is just adaptive algorithm that ages it seems like

Henri Roggeman says:

Kudos to Meredith!

Jung K says:

This moderator sounds like she knows better than the invited panels… which i am not interested in.

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