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Dixiklo9000 says:

"This of course means that we are late to the party and missed out on a whole lot of views and revenue, but that's okay, in fact, that's what we'll keep doing going forward to make sure you get the highest quality information that I can provide."

And that's why you're the best. Love you, KZF.

Kilgore Trout says:

Still doesnt understand what a subject is or how to tell a coherent story longer than two sentences.
Some day, GPT, some day.

feel it says:

Bye bye writers

megamaz says:

can it write my essays

smhily ツ says:

Imagine being a teenager in 2032 and you don't want to do your homework assignment so you quickly download a cracked AI text generator to do it for you.

ANDLE says:

So that's why there are so many russian bots and troll accounts nowadays…..

Manda 3D Projects says:

When literature is combined with science.

kukuh T Wicaksono says:

can we generate a brand new holly scripture based on existing holly scripture ?

vvilliam29 says:

checking in on this after GPT-3's release to see if it's "good enough" for me to play around with.

Dev From The Future says:

Please do a vídeo about gpt3

Mitch Cairns says:

The more that AI increasingly becomes able to generate lifelike text/video/speech, the more necessary it will become for people to have private keys by which they can salt their recordings for validation. We will need some type of decentralized verification center by which we can verify the creation of digital works and recordings of all sorts. In this manner, if a digital work exists, but cannot be verified by using an individuals public key, we can qualify it as altered. We could even have camera manufacturers have their own private keys and public keys which you can use to determine if a video file has been tampered with or if it is raw from a camera. Something to consider for sure.

Doug says:

Journalists will be completely replaced by AI in our lifetime.

Aditya pai says:

waiting on the follow-up for gpt-3 like: 👀👀

Code Wizard says:

Fake News and Deep Fake Apocalypse due to AI? Well, Fake News Apocalypse has already happened in India by world's most corrupt media — not by AI but by humans. 84% of news shown by Indian news channel is lie. When it comes to Hindu Gurus, it's 100% lie. But when it comes to Deep Fakes, they are being used to make porn video / or doing some anti-social activity of Indian Gurus, just to defame them. Although Indians rule world with their smart minds, 80% people in India are not that educated. They believe such a disgusting fake information immediately.

Dban1 says:

"MomAI, could you tell me a bedtime story about what I'm about to prompt you with?"

Delphunky says:

AI Dungeon 2.

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