On-device machine learning: TensorFlow on Android (Google Cloud Next '17)

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In this video, Yufeng Guo applies deep learning models to local prediction on mobile devices. Yufeng shows you how to use TensorFlow to implement a machine learning model that is tailored to a custom dataset. You will come away knowing enough to get started solving your own deep learning problems.

Missed the conference? Watch all the talks here: https://goo.gl/c1Vs3h
Watch more talks about Big Data & Machine Learning here: https://goo.gl/OcqI9k


Mario Limas says:

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Dawood Muzammil says:

There are types of cucumbers?!?!?!?!?!

Sean Spicer says:

who took the thumbnail picture? google, the <pronoun> who created this thumbnail has either 1) received a promotion and a raise by u 2) left due to being unrecognized.

Systems Planet says:

– During training, how does TensorFlow distinguish the object from its background?

– Do you have to manually mask out the background colors?
– Would that improve recognition?

– If I trained it it to detect 60 colored shapes,
could it detect 3 red of the same type at the same time?

– Is it possible to start without using google cloud? Can I train at home.

– How would you train it to recognize individual squares in a Rubik's Cube? One square at a time?

– Is it possible to retrieve the small clipped image data that was recognized? Eg individual squares?

teja polisetty says:

But you did't tell how to deploy ML model into android

Jack Liu says:

I really have learned a great lesson from it. Thanks!

Jieru Zhang says:

Brilliant! Split a short video into many images, and it is a method of data enhancement I would say.

Qichuan Zhang says:

One of the best ML talks I have ever had. Looking forward to seeing more from Yufeng.

Firefox Metzger says:

I love the jigsaw puzzle analogy

Nikola Marić says:

In Japan, even farmers can make robots… O.o

Dr Tune says:

Great talk, thanks

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