"okay, but I want GPT to perform 10x for my specific use case" – Here is how

Finetune Falcon 7b/40b instruct with your own data – The step by step guide about how to train falcon model for generating high quality midjourney prompt, from prep training dataset to comparing final results;

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🔗 Links
– Google colab:
– Midjourney training dataset:
– RelevanceAI midjourney training dataset generator:

⏱️ Timestamps
0:00 Finetune VS Knowledge base
1:50 Step1 Choose base LLM
2:30 Step2 Prep training data
4:54 Step3 Setup google colab
5:41 Step4 Load base Falcon model
6:48 Step5 Load training data
7:36 Step6 Finetune model
7:56 Step7 Save & run finetuned model
9:08 Falcon 40b

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