Nvidia GPU Technology Conference(GTC) 2017 Keynote

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Nvidia GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2017 Keynote-
1. Moore’s Law is finished
2. Project Holodeck – Allows collaborate on photo-realistic models in Virtual Reality (VR)
3. Demo of Deep Learning (DL) and Ray Tracing
4. Introducing the Tesla V100 – The most advanced deep learning GPU
5. Next-generation DGX-1
6. GPU accelerated cloud
7. Toyota selects Nvidia’s Drive PX platform for its autonomous platform
8. Integrated Robot Simulator ISAAC – Robot learns in VR instead of physical movements


Josh Zwies says:

31:50 Trained by Data, Commander Data?

Solomon Krubhakar says:

One of the Best talks I heard so far… I become fan of him. Such a nice articulation and details as a CEO… Great …

Auther Fleck says:

so… for regular people like me, It's like taking a science class. Kinda boring lol

why not just let us know when you'll release next gpu xD

Zenytram Searom says:

i was just think, how the fuck they gonna surpass this?

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