Notnotice – Neural lace

SUBSIST​.​184D – Ahead by Notnotice


Ahead” tells about some futuristic forks of the current world. The author tried to express this in the form of about sci-fi sound, sometimes a little rough, looped and outsider techno. One of the main concepts is that science can only be a convenient template for explanations that may be errors. For example, Copernicus, Tsiolkovsky, who is next?

Disturbing vibes at the same time exciting and penetrating, something characteristic of Notnotice’s production. Darkness looms over us, announcing I don’t know what’s coming after us. However, while the sound is frightening, we want it closer. text by Club Furies

Artwork by Malasombra
Mastered at Magic Studios

released January 8, 2023

“Sound Expression Against World Pressure”