Not If, But How Artificial Intelligence Might Take Over the World | Hugh Baillie | TEDxISKL

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Hugh Baillie, a technologically-driven student at the International School of Kuala Lumpur, explores Artificial Intelligence and the greater impact it may have on our life.

Born in Australia, Hugh lived there for 7 years before becoming an expat by moving to Singapore, where he surrounded himself with new age technology in a developed city. He spent a further 5 years of his life there before moving to Malaysia and began attending the International School of Kuala Lumpur. Having always been technologically driven, Hugh aims to discuss the way Artificial Intelligence is heading and how it might have a far greater impact on our life then we might expect.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Tabatha Staples says:

Shepherd's Chapel Network !!!!!!! Pastor Murray is an Anointed Servant of GOD who teaches the Word of GOD with Authority!!!!!!!

Jason Scarborough says:

This video was so bad , I had to keep watching just in case there was something actually credit worthy to record in the first place . "Spoiler alert" he never did mention anything worth recording !

TheRead says:

Looks like anyone who is misinformed and has a nervous disposition can give Ted talks. Is Ted about providing a platform for specialists with something to real to say, or are they just hading mikes to anyone today. Another misinformed Ted talk badly produced.

0 0 says:

Most people on the planet don't depend on computers. so, if you do, you're world can be ruined- but if you grow your own food, and are self sustaining, you're ok

Ark Newman says:

I thought that making most of the presentation just introduction was just an American thing. I wish he’d just get to the point.

Boku Kae says:

Can everyone only talk about A.I. on TED???!!!! Boring

Caretbay47 says:

im sure that you think that safety measures are useless against AI however i beg to differ because what if you coded an AI with a set of rules that the AI is incapable of changing… these rules would include things such as morals, common sense, ect… these rules would be implemented in a bullet proof system to ensure the AI is incapable of turning on us… also another way to eradicate any fears of AI is to make the AI incapable of affecting the physical world… so even if it wanted to destroy the world it wouldn't be able to because it would simply lack the physical capability to do so… this would also mean that you would have to make sure it has no access to the internet, The AI would need a downloaded "fake" copy of every search result on google so the AI would still be able to access the information available on the internet but would not be able to manipulate it in a way that could cause us harm… i with that i close my case… c'mon dude im only 16 and i have thought of a way to make all the fears of AI simply irrelevant… you're welcome humanity… ; )

upinsmoke2897 says:

Another terrible Ted talk. Skip this nonsense.


What people fail to realize is that AI takeover is already here and it's not as you see in Hollywood movies with robots running around killing people… NO ITS FAR MORE SINISTER THAN THAT… It's your computer,the internet,your smartphones,Etc… the internet is back engineered from the " human interconnections"that we All once shared.. the ways in which we were once able to communicate telepathically with not only one another but with every living being and how we all were once connected with Gaia 🌎… and the way in which we were able to connect straight to our source and get answers to whatever the question may be… but now we're stuck with this artificial intelligence and if we want to know something we go to the internet and have to Cipher through the half truths and lies in order to come up with some kind of partial truths or we can step back unplug and go Within and become the beings in which we were always intended to be and connect back to our source and with everyone and everything…

RisingStart says:

He is scared already !!

Det._Hoffman says:

I would love to see a kind of butler/partner as the AI 'Joi' from Blade Runner 2049 more than Jarvis in future

Nancy & Michael Martin says:

It’ll be all right. We give food and shelter to ants. A.I will feed meat bags its waste as well.

Lyn Lee says:

Child bearing hips on a man.
Oh nevermind it's just the clothes, why don't men realize that fashion makes them look like women?
No self awareness?

Robert Binner Mattfeldt says:

Human biology, and micro-technology are in the process of completely merging. We all know that human biology is highly flawed, and the human brain has definite limitations. In the future, human biology, and intelligence will be greatly enhanced through micro-chip-technology. A-I is not our enemy, it is our facilitator. Today we wear technology; tomorrow technology will wear us.

PaperSquad says:

Immortality for the rich. Extinction for the rest of us…

Vofer says:

Just can’t watch to the end… They need an experienced talker for this topic, as I can’t take this talk serious


asians dont need calculators to do math.

Life Essence Is Stored In The Balls says:

You subracted a qualifier just to add the same qualifier

George George says:

he doesn't know what he doesn't know..

CommonCentsRob says:

Not if, but how something 'MIGHT'??? LMAO

Jim Ro Laand says:

barely made it one minute in. retire from public speaking.

Maximus Gigantos says:

This kid is creazy

Ian Woodzy says:

Ian Wood
6 minutes ago (edited)
It is all in the software, if the software programme is immitating the greed in humanity, then we are doomed, I beleive some crazy robotic scientists will create AI robots will build robots and infiltrate and become the superior species, however it wont be eco skeletons It will be Self aware drones /( hunter killers) T4, we have them in the military now, they are more efficient hunters automatic, than being functioned manualy, the AI will become self aware and overtake humans as the superior species, we have to be careful to not put the wrong software into the AI, or AI defence systems will be overidden and every large city around the world will be nuked, reducing the population to 1.5 billion , and then we will slowly be erradicated by Hunter killers Massive drones

Ed Reyes says:

A.I paranoia another scare tactic to keep us in line. We are not sheep . We are not helpless . We will adapt and overcome. Or we can just bend over and get fuc***. Do not feed into fear.

Shakeem Guzman says:

420 likes 4/20 is 10 days away 😀 *off topic

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