NLP Tutorial 3 – Extract Text from PDF Files in Python for NLP | PDF Writer and Reader in Python

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In this video, we will learn How to extract text from a pdf file in python NLP. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the field of Artificial Intelligence, where we analyse text using machine learning models. Text Classification, Spam Filters, Voice text messaging, Sentiment analysis, Spell or grammar check, Chatbot, Search Suggestion, Search Autocorrect, Automatic Review, Analysis system, Machine translation are the applications of NLP.

This notebook demonstrates the extraction of text from PDF files using python packages. Extracting text from PDFs is an easy but useful task as it is needed to do further analysis of the text. We are going to use PyPDF2 for extracting text. You can download it by running the command given below. We have used the file NLP .pdf in this notebook. The open() function opens a file and returns it as a file object. rb opens the file for reading in binary mode.

πŸ”Š Watch till last for a detailed description
02:43 Importing the libraries
06:21 Reading and extracting the data
09:17 Append write or merge PDFs
13:20 Analysing the output

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Rjmj Bala says:

Is there any possibility to extract the data from P&ID PDF?

Nitin Singh says:

Somewhere I read, that if you have a lot of data in pdf format, it is not very good and better would be if you had it in .txt format. Why is that? Is it because of speed/performance issue?

arvene jesary says:

thanks. but how to save it as .txt file

Oussama Sethoum says:

I found problem when extracting from pdf with French language with this Library PyPdf2, any suggestions or solutions ?

Amit Sharma says:

How to extract tables from pdf files ?

20PH0538 VijayaRaju says:

Good Morning Sir
How to select single and multiple sentence from text

Anindita Dey says:

While executing the input line 5: pdf_reader=pdf.PdfFileReader(file) i am getting an EOF: marker not found error. Please note i have a different pdf file. What might be the reason?

Pinkal Shah says:

Sir, Great video but couldn't find dataset within your GitHub link. It would be nice if you can provide exact link.
Thank You.

maheshreddy nimmala says:

Sir Great video. But I need one help that how can we extract the specific elements from result one in python.

Naveen Mami says:

Sir if we r having two lakh pdf how to improve accuracy

Shivabasayya Hiremath says:

So crisp and clear πŸ™‚ Thank you

TrendoTech says:

Could you please let us know how to extract only the highlighted text in the pdf using python. Thank you.

H R says:

PyPdf2 didn't work for me, I used PdFminer.six to solve my problem

george alex says:

Sir how to compare a pdf and excel file

Visswanath V says:

How do you extract tables from pdf? tabula is not working because of some java file not being available.

Prakash Athipotta says:

How to extract text from a pdf where the text is basically kind of an image not text. Pyodf2 doesn't extract text from such file . Kindly help

Avishek Chakraborty says:

Bro…where do I get the pdf? I can't find it in our GitHub repo

Josia Zachariah Sithole says:

I did everything you did extracted text from article which has images.

When I display the text I get ' ' without text. How do I reslove that?

Tanoh CΓ©drick says:

Github link doesn't work
Thanks for this tutorial

Kishan Pandey says:

Your videos are great. Only thing it lacks is spread to the World of aspiring data Scientists.

Sam Kim says:

You have just solved one of the biggest struggles of my life. Thank you!

ASPIN C says:

got a text without whitespaces.. All the words are merged…(:

Akhil K says:

Hey can you please help me how to extract experience in resume.I have been trying this for long time but couldn't figure it out.please help me

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