NICE Robotic Automation: Automation for the People

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Learn more about Robotic Process Automation here:
Automate repetitive tasks and set your people free to focus on what really counts – enhancing the
customer experience.
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Data Techies says:

Guys, Unemployment is a misconception for the genuine people. Such automation tools kill the waste of useless time consumption on jobs, and not the jobs itself. When companies utilize such tools to reduce waste of human time, they engage the human workers to more productive tasks…

If anybody feels that RPA can kill the jobs, then believe me "invention of wheel was a blessing to humanity, not the job killer of labours".

Winterwolf 00 says:

"Automate repetitive tasks and set your people free to focus on what REALLY counts."
Yeah like their unemployment checks after robots took their jobs.

Deg says:

So basically its a program that takes the workers jobs as they are now unneeded for these "boring" tasks that they get paid for…


rerere284 says:

This was surreal

Neo says:

Did the guy jump out the window at the end to the left. My god, does this mean robots are taking over and soon we'll all die due to not being able to have jobs so we can't afford food and we'll starve.

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