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Hi, welcome to ColdFusion (formerly known as ColdfusTion).
Experience the cutting edge of the world around us in a fun relaxed atmosphere.


They did surgery on a grape


0:00 HESK & NADUS // You Bout it

0:30 Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train

2:15 Kinobe – A Small Island

4:15 Deccies – Subtle

5:43 Mono Suono – Home

6:34 Kidnap Kid – Moments (feat. Leo Stannard)

7:22 Bon Iver – Wash (OMN Remix)’

8:52 Mike Newman – I Don’t Wanna

10:00 Till Death – Forever

11:16 Number One Fan – Sorry

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Haris says:

I've heard that if u follow Coldfusion on Twitter, Instagram & comment on his YouTube video, he will like your comment and will pin it.😊

alamotexan says:

YouTube is lying to you!

That groundbreaking AC technology is called a swamp cooler it has been around for a long time

Sharpman34 says:

And they said video games would never be a positive thing, lol. I imagine playing games as a kid would help someone operate the Da vinci

Sharpman34 says:

Holy shit, I'm actually a bit impressed. Robotics sure have changed.. What Boston Dynamics is doing is intriguing. Definitely a subject we will be talking about a lot more

King Brilliant says:

9:13 it's pronounced "quad-roo-ped".

Happy Rose says:

This is horror

Que Dableyou says:

Year 2120 Boston Dynamics introduces

paulo roberto gomes says:

Cai na real só existe um motivo para criar estas desgracas. Escravizar e desempregar a raça humana ferramenta de satanás para destruir o homem. Sai pra lá coisa horrível

Francisco Padilla says:

My grandpa would still be alive if they would have released this earlier.

Mad Max says:

Love on a real train playing in the background added to the amazement of the video, that's the music of the technology of the future.

Somendra Saini says:

Laugh Hoomans Laugh…
After a Century there will be nothing Left to Laugh on.

Catholic Animation says:

Who else is thinking that one day all these robot will be weaponized for war?

Jimmy Johnson says:

The huge robot with wheels is a nightmare come true. God help us from the soulless robot masters that will own and control these machines.Do the techno elites care about the common man . Hell No.

RaZoRFoX 396 says:

Does the US military own/ use this??

FzTechnology ken says:

Really your video is awesome. Continue it….

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