Next '17: Day 1 Keynote (Highlights in 4 min)

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ICYMI, we’ve got highlights from Google Next ’17 Day 1 Keynote in under 4 minutes including major announcements around machine learning and AI. Speakers included Sundar Pichai, Diane Greene, Fei-Fei Li and Eric Schmidt. Plus appearances from customers like SAP, HSBC, Home Depot & more.


DrSiB0T says:

There will be ivy league grads sitting in the crowd whos forebearers prospered and accumulated all their wealth through industrial espionage. The irony!

Nakilon says:

"Acquisition of Cago", lol, subtitles fail at 3:38

Gautham J says:

how does google make such wonderful stadiums for programmes like this?

Edwin Jose says:

please fire the morons who thought it was a great idea to spend 70% of the first keynote of an event that is meant for devs talking about how GCP is good for businesses and giving customer experiences. If this was not a mistake and is part of a strategy, then Google will end up like Oracle. I was really disappointed by this, I hope the second day keynote will be much better.

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