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Currently around 63% of students are disengaged at school, meaning that they withdrawal either physically or mentally before they have mastered the skills that are required to flourish in later life. In this talk Scott Bolland explores the science of learning, the mismatch between how we teach and how the brain natural learns, and the important role that artificial intelligence could take in addressing the limitations in our current education system.

Dr Scott Bolland is the founder of New Dawn Technologies, a high-tech software company aiming to revolutionise education through the use of artificial intelligence. He has spent the last 20 years actively researching and teaching in the field of cognitive science – the scientific study of how the mind works – which spans disciplines such as psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and computer science. He holds a PhD in this field, as well as a university medal for outstanding academic scholarship.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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Leo S says:

I wonder if he ever taught in high school classrooms?:-/

Edipo Santos says:

No matter how the software works great, it needs to look and have a reward system like candy crush or clash of clans

Yin Mei says:

Students , especially younger ones will be beneficial the most from Personal E-learning +Personal Group object learning module . Can not wait for this tech to be released and operated in all elementary schools .

Leon Goo says:

The assertion that the majority of students are disengaged because they are either way ahead or behind what the teacher is teaching doesn't make any sense. The distribution would naturally be Gaussian, so that the majority of students should've been happily engaged in the classroom.

Lara Julia says:

This is amazing !

lawrence mcdonell says:

"someone to delight in them" – most important ingredient in education, for the children themselves – best quote

Alexey Svirshevsky says:

The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson illustrates these ideas and is a good read if you like sci-fi

Mamun Miah says:

Hello Scott, this is a great talk especially when you described the personalization of education instead of standardization through the use of AI. I agree that personalized education will bring more innovation in personal preferences and collectively the society will gain much more. However, I am just wondering if there is no standardized tests how will one's performance be evaluated? Also, could you please provide us with the links of your technical journal or conference papers that you are basing this talk on?

René Henriksen says:

Could be cool to be as good at coding at him. Every programminglanguage? Really? If true then it´s amazing

René Henriksen says:

Quote: " – There´s a mismatch between the way learning is tought and the way the brain naturally learns." So true.

amer shakir says:

Is it possible to add your software to some of the software i want to build?

amer shakir says:

great talk and best of luck to you!! i have a new born and i welcome the day that robots can teach him anything from the comfort of his home so that i can spend more time with him, taking him to museums and around the world so as to kindle his flame.

Marvelous Whiskers says:

Looks like I'm gonna be the only one here thinking his method is going to miss the mark. Before 100 years ago, very few productive or influential people depended on formal education, and certainly no one relied on AI. If anything, I think his AI is going to make people dumber for the following reasons: 1) AI is dumber than humans since they lack the creative part, and 2) by spending more time with AI, students will have less time to interact with their natural environment. Therefore, when they go into the real world, they will be treated like idiot savants at best and plain idiots at worst. It will be no different than hoping that using calculators on all the tough math questions will make someone more capable at math.

Wolfferoni says:

As a student teacher, I believe this is genius. There's a big focus now on how to make the classroom more engaging with PBL, active learning, differentiation of abilities etc. I'm excited that this tech is to be released soon.

Marcus Maschke says:

It's not just kids that need education adults do aswell people of all ages.

bamischijfje123 says:

what you get when you really personalise school is children who are not allround AT ALL. I think staying on various subjects for people induvidually depending on their level is much better

bamischijfje123 says:

what you get when you really personalise school is children who are not allround AT ALL. I think staying on various subjects for people induvidually depending on their level is much better

bamischijfje123 says:

I don't get the robot. There is no dopamine produced and there is no way for the robot to feel it if it ware the case. Robots don't have feeling and therefor they don't want to learn their surroundings. In other words is WAS programmed to interact with their surroundings, so that doesn't prove anything. If they do have feelings you practically made a organism, it won't be called a robot anymore

Mateusz Kozłowski says:

Did he mention how this apk. is supposed to be personalized for every student?

Paul Thomas says:

On this very day, It was announced a man dies in a Tesla car utilizing AI technology. But these TED videos are very encouraging and feel good moments and lots of new concepts and perspectives to learn from. regarding 2:23 <– sadly "potential lost" in the years prior to "no kid left behind"

Max Mustermann says:

I´m utterly amazed by the learning software – is itavailable yet?

Felipe Moreira says:

Education is our only salvation.

Kitsune says:

It's sad this gets so little views…

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