NEOACM Artificial Intelligence Panel Discussion 09/14/2017 Highlights

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“We Come In Peace” II, was a practical panel discussion that discussed the impact of Artificial Intelligence in our Ohio communities. The panelists covered some of the many projects underway in Ohio that utilizes AI technology such as Smart Cities, Self-Driving Vehicles, Cognitive Computing, and local AI start-ups. But also discussed some of the social, ethical, and economic challenges that have to be met when implementing AI technologies. The panelists were: Andrew Konya, CEO of Remesh,
Cleveland, Ohio, Doug McCollough, Chief Technology Officer, Dublin, Ohio, Paul Carlson, Intelligent Community Strategist, Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Mark Vopat, Political Philosophy, Technology Ethicist, Youngstown State University, Dr. Jay Ramanathan
Executive Director of, and Dr. Shiqi Zhang, AI and Human-Robotics Researcher, Cleveland State University. Our very special guest moderator is Nikola Danaylov, Singularity Keynote Speaker, Blogger and Podcast Host.


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