Natural Language Processing|Bag Of Words Intuition

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Here is the detailed discussion of Bag of words document matrix. We will also be covering how we can can implement with the help of python and nltk.
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Ritesh chauhan says:

Best explained

Ritish Gupta says:

This guy is kaleen bhaiya in machine learning world.

EricGrasby says:

Krish- this is a fantastic explanation. Thanks for putting this together! Just subscribed.

Mosouwer Jamil says:

Best DS ML instructor ever..

Jitendra Kumar Sah says:

Krish you said that…word get converted into vectors…but its not looks like vector…is that all data are in the form 3D column vector form?

deepNeuron ai says:

if single sentence has 2 boys , in that case, 0 or 1 will not work out right…how to deal with that ??

Srishti Kumari says:

Thank you so much for putting your valuable efforts!
You are the best!

Noman Shaikh Ali says:

Hi, Which will be better for stock prices sentimental analysis
Bag of words
Also discussed with reason plz?
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!!

Aditya Chopra says:

very helpful. Thanks!

Mayank Rathi says:

Try to focus your camera in a good angle and also talk slowly. Otherwise it is good

harshit shukla says:

cant even begin to fathom the number of hours it must have taken to get this done!! Thanks for the content

Atlas says:

I love your passion towards what you say 🙂


why did we calculate frequency if eventually, we are going to assign 1 or 0 in the vectors?

Saurabh Singhai says:

Hi Krish, Can you tell me…What is the difference between One Hot Encoding and Binary BOW ?

Akhand pratap singh says:

8:00 DIsadvantage of Bag of Words
Sentiment analysis Bag of Words
Huge Dataset use Word2Vec 9:00

anmol kalra says:

Wonderful krish

ritik sharma says:

what a clear explanation thank you so much

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