Natural Language Processing| Stemming And Lemmatization Intuition

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In this video we will understand the detailed explanation of Lemmatization and understand how it can be used in Natural Language Processing. We will also see the basic difference between Lemmatization and stemming.

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CODE AZE says:

You must talk about creation of stemming/lemmatizers for new languages.

Harpreet Soni says:

i tried this code
and on finally the result is(final)
not fina in stemming

Emine Ayşe Sunar says:

inflected words*

Manoj Kumar says:

very nice explanation

Syed Arsalan Amin says:

If anyone has NLP notes please do share them !!!

Kutlwano Tshatiwa says:

Thank you for such an awesome video explaining such concepts.😃

Amit Patil says:

Hello sir,
Thnx for video.
I have one question, is there any Lemmatization or Stemming for marathi language.
Kindly suggest the name, code, web link, github code. research paper etc… for the same

Akash Acharya says:

please make a series on NER, n-gram model and viterbi

sagar desai says:

Great video Krish, thanks

Junaid Yousaf says:

Sir after this please make one video on How to detect hate speech

vikas yadav says:

like universal,universe and university will have – univers

vikas yadav says:

history and historical will have stem as 'histor' and finally,final and finalized will have 'final' as stem right ????

varun jadhav says:

Krish it's not infected it's inflected at 1:21 just read it online

masudul alam says:

I don’t know why people are calling this one amazing.Where are the intuitions behind the stemming and lemmatization ?This is really bad when you say "nltk an blah blah" implemented this and didn’t discuss how it gets done.
I'm one of your subscribers but this video actually disappointed me a lot.

Karan Shah says:


Vikrant Chidrawar says:

lemmatization will not convert historical into history

Srikanth Tammina says:

Its not infected. It is INFLECTED terms.

Nihad 4me says:

sir can you please upload the video of ADAM optimization ???


How finally, final and finalized root word is not "final"?

vishruth1997 says:

Such an elegant explanation 🙂 ty

dheeraj mukirala says:

Which one to pick , NLTK or Tensorflow?

rohan dawar says:

Finally Understood 😐
thanks 🙂

Sandipan Sarkar says:

Super video.Now my concept of stemming and lemmatization is absolurly clear.I will not be beating round the bush.Thanks Krish.

Allie Ubisse says:

Krish brother, you just made it very easy for new bees to understand. Thank for sharing

Ranajit Mitra says:

awesome playlist, and awesome intro music of the video too 🙂

dnakhawa says:

You are Best

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