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This six-part video series goes through an end-to-end Natural Language Processing (NLP) project in Python to compare stand up comedy routines.

– Natural Language Processing (Part 1): Introduction to NLP & Data Science
– Natural Language Processing (Part 2): Data Cleaning & Text Pre-Processing in Python
– Natural Language Processing (Part 3): Exploratory Data Analysis & Word Clouds in Python
– Natural Language Processing (Part 4): Sentiment Analysis with TextBlob in Python
– Natural Language Processing (Part 5): Topic Modeling with Latent Dirichlet Allocation in Python
– Natural Language Processing (Part 6): Text Generation with Markov Chains in Python

All of the supporting Python code can be found here:




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Text #Mining and Natural #Language Processing in R

Hands-On Text Mining and Natural Language Processing (NLP) Training for Data Science Applications in R


Jennifer But says:

Thank you Alice Zhao for the intro to NLP tutorial! I've been interested in a long time, and this really breaks it all down in a way that it is easy to understand. Thank you for this well-organized tutorial. I learned a lot!

Aditya Pandey says:

Hello ,all your videos are amazing
I have a question,
Question : I am having dataframe which has three columns in they are as follows
1. Text (raw_text)
2. selected text (raw_text which is part of above text and the major factor to decide the Review )
3.Review-(Positive or negative)
I want to use column 1 Text and and column 3 Review as my Features
and column 2 Review as Target to predict

Please help me

Fangyi Yu says:

This is such a concise and awesome tutorial on NLP! Thank you so much Alice.

BTW, could you type the name of the person you mentioned in the tutorial who did a great video on LSTM? Many thanks!

Soumyadip Sarkar says:


Muhammed Anees K.A says:

Thanks a lot ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Varahasamy Ramadesikan says:

Very informative video about NLP techniques and data related to NLP and it is useful for the beginner

Wenyang Qian says:

best series on NLP on YouTube. thanks a lot!

kik kaka says:

94% off !!! #udemy #course

Text #Mining and Natural #Language Processing in R

Hands-On Text Mining and Natural Language Processing (NLP) Training for Data Science Applications in R


Đỗ Thị Thu Trang says:

great series! thanks a lot!

You showed us what you did and how we should deal with problems along the way! Thanks again!

K F says:

I love your videos but the "vocal fry" just makes it so hard to follow and understand what you're saying, most of the time your voice is barely audible. Your content is great you need to work on your confidence.

naveen kudupudi says:

Thanks a lot Alice for this series. You are doing a great service to humanity.

Maitreyee Tewari says:

Very fun and helpful

Marcelo Souza says:

Where can I find the videos about LTSM ?

Wu Cherie says:

where would I find the codes?

Ramla Basharat says:

very helpful … thank u

c.v.shankar shankar says:

It's really a good webinar. Thanks for giving nice tips on nltk. All the 6 vedios are awesome.

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