Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Azure ML Service

In this workshop, you will explore different neural network architectures for dealing with natural language texts. In the recent years, Natural Language Processing (NLP) has experiences fast growth as a field, primarily because performance of the language models depend on their overall ability to “understand” text, and that can be trained in unsupervised manner on large text corpora. Thus, pre-trained text models such as BERT simplified many NLP tasks, and dramatically improved the performance.

The session will focus on Azure services and related products like Azure Machine Learning Service,PyTorch,BERT,Generative Neural Networks (GNNs) &Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)

What will you learn from the session :
a) Learn about Attention Mechanisms
b) Learn how to build text classification models

Further Learning :

Speaker : Shivam Sharma

Speaker BIO- Shivam is an author, cloud architect, speaker, and Co-Founder at TechScalable. Being passionate about ever evolving technology he works on Azure, GCP, Machine Learning, Kubernetes & DevOps. He is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer. He architects’ solutions on Cloud as well on-premises using wide array of platforms/technologies.

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