Natural Language Processing (NLP) Tutorial with Python & NLTK

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This video will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of Natural Language Processing, popularly known as NLP. You will also learn about the different steps involved in processing the human language like Tokenization, Stemming, Lemmatization and more. Python, NLTK, & Jupyter Notebook are used to demonstrate the concepts.

This tutorial was developed by Edureka.

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politics and sports says:

it was much helpful,,,,tnku

Scott Davies says:

Hey there, just a bit of guidance to anyone who battled with this like I did. I am using PyCharm and to get NLTK installed, I had to type into my project window
import nltk
Once I executed this, I was given the options shown in the video above.

Hadjad says:

It is sentiment analysis, not sentimental 😀

tehemton says:

At 14:50, it is not frequency distinct. It is frequency distribution.

Malik Taimoor says:

I have anaconda downloaded. Can someone guide me to download NLTK library?

Ioan Flaviu Frisan says:

Fk…I live in Stone Age era….

Amit Yadav says:

Stupid content as usual, Totally waste of time, He never took real-life Text file to work with, Did not take a file which was a mixture of String, Object or numerics. I can not understand How these people praising or liking the content What the hell did they learn, Just theory – Suck it

Pluasok says:

fdist is not a function it is a list variable

Ojasvi Singh 786 says:


Daniel Mafile'o says:

Is it possible to build a nlp app for a foreign language other than English?

sajal ahad says:

Hi! how I apply the same (NLP processing) on corpora containing emojis in sentences.

Álvaro Junqueira says:


Gokul A Krishnan says:

எழுத்துக்கள் 😍

Sreenivasulu SP says:

This is the best !! The tutor is the best in the business ..!!

Nima says:

What's with the fdist[word.lower()]+=1? Why is there a +=1 in there?


can we find grammar mistakes from a sentence using nltk? please assist with an example

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