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Presentation by Catherine Henry (2017 Clearwater DevCon).
When teaching a subject through text it can be beneficial to evaluate the reader’s understanding; however, the creation of relevant questions and answers can be time-consuming and tedious. I will walk through how the implementation of NLP libraries and algorithms can assist in, and potentially remove altogether, the current necessity of an individual manually formulating these tests.



Parth Panchal says:

I am taking up a similar project. Can you share some resources other than these? I am trying to generate questions with one word answers.

kik kaka says:

94% off !!! #udemy #course

Text #Mining and Natural #Language Processing in R

Hands-On Text Mining and Natural Language Processing (NLP) Training for Data Science Applications in R


Lakshith Nishshanke says:

12:33 here starts her methodology. Feel free to skip definitions. thank me later 😉

Emad Gohari says:

that was a nice clear talk. I learned a few things thanks a lot for sharing. 🙂

chinta chandan says:

Share the presentation and paper please. I am starting a similar project.

Rishi RD says:

Can I get the paper you went through or any other study materials that can be used for this task?

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