Natural Language Processing In 5 Minutes | What Is NLP And How Does It Work? | Simplilearn

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Ever wondered how we can talk to machines and have them answer back? That is due to the magic of NLP. In this video, we will answer the question ‘What is NLP?’ for you. We will then look at some important steps involved in NLP all in 5 minutes! Don’t forget to take the quiz at 04:07!

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Jitendra Pratap Singh says:

Thank you, my teacher was teaching us this in class and I couldn't understand a thing. Now I understand perfectly 😀
By the way the answer is tokenization 🙂

B. Tadjalli says:

B) Tokenization
Because it splits or detach the words from a sentence.

Dopplerboy says:

B. Tokenization

Philip Kerr says:

yeah tokenization

Karla Jones says:


Mulualem Gobena says:

Wow it is nice explanation how to get pdf material nlp

Faezeh Safari says:


1lightheaded says:

On paper words are separate
distinct units but if you see the waveform of that there is no break between words . I read a sci fi novel for kids had a simplified piggin,
which is a trade language used by the British in the colonies not grammatically correct with a restricted vocabulary, to communicate with
Machines I suppose american will do just as good 🙂 will do just as well

1lightheaded says:

Words are the least meaningful part of human communication. 93% is non verbal . Eye motion tone pose are keys to understanding what is being passed between people . The inability to read meta communication is a problem they focus on the words . If you ever took part in a telegraph Chinese Whispers game you find out that people are not accurate in verbal . A seven word phrase is given to the first person in the circle and the have to whisper that phrase to the person next to them and that person relays it to the next six or seven people is good enough when the last person repeats what they heard and everyone looks a little puzzled but the original phrase is written down .

Pawan yadav says:


Tayyaba Hussain says:

b option is correct answer as tokenization is the process of separating individual words in a sentence.

Khouloud Gemayel says:

Tokenization is used to obtain words from a sentence

Gabriela Claudia Arteaga Brouset says:


Hemal Gohel says:

B tokenisation

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