Natural Language Processing: Crash Course AI #7

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So far in this series, we’ve mostly focused on how AI can interpret images, but one of the most common ways we interact with computers is through language – we type questions into search engines, use our smart assistants like Siri and Alexa to set alarms and check the weather, and communicate across language barriers with the help of Google Translate. Today, we’re going to talk about Natural Language Processing, or NLP, show you some strategies computers can use to better understand language like distributional semantics, and then we’ll introduce you to a type of neural network called a Recurrent Neural Network or RNN to build sentences.

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Vesper Howe says:

ahem chocolate potatoes is a thing

Christine Lin says:

Make one about the cOroN4v1rUs

trin0030 trin0030 says:


Maely Souza says:

Ótima aula! Adorei essa série de vídeos!

MiniFalafel says:

The second that I realized it was Jabril talking, I liked the video. I love that guy

Aelwyn says:

Human languages can also be visual: sign languages! 😀

sorted sortof says:

And you start with, "Is John Green a robot?" … … Hahahahaahahaa

Matt Kuhn says:

I've been looking forward to this episode for a while – I'm a Computational Linguist, so this is all my bread and butter. In fact, I took a class taught by Ray Mooney in my undergrad, and my graduate work mostly centers around language models for home assistants, so I use a lot of RNNs. Great job with this series guys!

Rehan Alam says:

hey, Your teaching style is awesome. why aren't you trying to make a complete course on AI instead crash course.

Ira McKinzie says:

Was disappointed y’all left out sign languages. They’re natural languages just like spoken languages. “Languages are spoken, written, or signed". Inclusivity is just a single word away.

Ridwan Setiadi says:

At the very moment I heard him saying that chocolate potatoes didn't exist, I was pretty sure commenters would find where to find chocolate potatoes.
And, according to some comments, chocolate potatoes exist. 🤣

Jönni Heinistö says:

I also checked, and chocolate potatoes do exist. I had to know.

John Opalko says:

Very well done and enjoyable series. I'm looking forward to the next episode.
I did some postgraduate work in AI back in the 1980s and we thought we were right on the cutting edge. Seeing something like this and looking back, I realize just how primitive our tools and techniques actually were.

Reigh says:

I want to see about getting Dianna a house near the LIGO in my home town and live peacefully with her. My cousin wants me home too and even though my Uncle wants to sell my Grandma's place that her dad built she was talking about getting me in there away from here back to home for her birthday if my birthday present of this 10 year programming project worked out I wouldn't even need it we could build a new one on the property. That's how my cousin was talking despite me being a on disability. Wait too forward huh ok slow it down take it easy breath ligo girl who likes ligo beautiful intelligent but be realistic screw it I'm manic let me go on a date with her.

Reigh says:

Can you use known identifying words like types of medication routes as statically programmed to find all the sentences pertaining to parse them out and run a loop to concatenate? Also The heading key words then search a whole reference and parse those by listing by route and add any general sentences for the heading and dose instructions sentence? I 'm pretty sure that right to get my baseline then from there have it try and use machine learning to summarize those concatenated rows one by one to reduce character counts and make it more clear understandable ie flow in sentence structures when put back together.

Beanie says:

Him: I've never heard of chocolate potatoes so they probably don't exist.

Chocolate covered potato chips: i'm about to end this man's whole career.

HisAirness says:

He looks like Joel Embiid..

Master Baiter says:

I say reinvent the wheel. Cant understand any of it, must destroy for safety.
Have you though of slowing down, life is confusing already. Wait for everyone to catch up. There is nothing out there.

Salvatore Rapisarda says:

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Robot explodes

Coypus says:

hey my dudes

watch your videos a lot in our classes but it is sorta hard to suck it all in. You do give a lot of good info but are speaking realy fast. Just a little thing. Thank you 🙂

Ayaan Ahmed says:

Can you guys please start a Mathematics course. It would be amazing to learn maths with such amazing graphics.

Tom McMorrow says:

"Words are an unnecessary trouble. Expression is time wasting away. Any communication is just a yelp in the darkness. I am speaking now but I am saying nothing. I am just making noises and, as it happens, they are organized in words and you should not draw meaning from this."-Welcome to Night Vale

Patricia McGeorge says:

Linguist here. Am impressed by the level of accuracy/depth. Please do a Crash Course linguistics. It's an underrated field and breaks my heart to see just how small it is in the shadow of physics or history – but you guys can definitely shed some light on it!

Tasha says:

Do crash courses have book out?

IceMetalPunk says:

Hey, a surprise linguistic cameo by Physics Girl! Is it really Dianna's birthday next week?

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