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This project was my entry to Brown University (US) Admission Application where students had to upload a video showing their personal projects.
It showcases the current features and possibilities of the project.
It is a personal project so I am unable to share the source code. But I will drop some resources where you can learn and start working on your program. You can get a basic understanding of Chatbots and Speech Recognition through courses offered by ‘Stanford’ and ‘DeepLearning’ on Coursera and get started. I might upload a tutorial of some kind in the future showing the basic code to get started. Thank you for understanding!

This is not an AI. For now, the commands are mostly pre-determined with a pinch of chatbot but it still gets the job done. As mentioned at the end of the video, I want to incorporate AI, ML, and NLP in the future. Please read the full description.

The program can
– control appliances (non-smart too) without WiFi
– recognize English and Hindi language
– gives back witty replies
– control the computer functions

I invited an uneducated person nearby neighborhood to try my program to use the computer. He was reluctant at first but as soon as he said “Open Google Chrome” and the computer opened google chrome, he had a huge smile on his face. He looked at me and said “I have never used a computer in my life, until now and I am thankful to you.”

Those words really hit me.
My goal is to make the Program a complete A.I. that can also understand Natural Language and has Machine Language too. I have many ideas but I am limited by my knowledge.

I hope to join college next year and learn about these concepts in the college and then implement these concepts in my program!

Check more info on my website –

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This video is fair use under U.S. copyright law because it is transformative in nature, uses no more of the original than necessary and has no negative effect on the market for the original work. Furthermore, this video is protected speech as outlined by the first amendment of The United States Constitution.



Hacksmith Industries says:

Cool concept!

kaushik shresth says:

brother plz reply .. which microsoft voice you are using in this programm…

AV SOULS says:

Sir this is very lovely program

Asif uz zaman says:

Please give some code

Sowarna Latha says:

Indian Tony stark

Sowarna Latha says:

Iron man suit is alone missing

kaushik shresth says:

Tutorial On Kaushik Shresth YouTube Channel

Underdog's King says:

Can you provide the source code please?


I would like to learn machine learning and Ai

Abid Hussain says:

can you help a to create me jarvis

GAME ON says:

when turning light on and off i hear the switch sound 😁😁😁

SDHG Bot says:

Can you make a softwear which can program anything that you wan by itself

Cobra MAN says:

I also want this please Give me or share me

Jeyvi M&J says:

Android Install ?

Mohammed Sami says:

When Jarvis played despacito.
Me : Rakh , Rakh teri maa ki .
Jarvis : what happened sir .
Me : Ben stokes .😂😂😂😂

Arixin Gaming says:

scam hai ye app install karlia h tune

Abhishek jha says:

Who is thinking that this is real truth😂

HUNTER 777 says:

Bhai software btado please

Ajit Kumar says:

how you made this AI please upload a video

Vinay Maheshwari says:

Bhai dedo project please

cyril turban says:

hello possible to have your project and in french if possible?

Hydersun fearless says:

Where is the code?? Can you give me the github link?

FactsVision says:

Can you share the information that , you study physics , chem, and maths in brown university or just computer
and did you give exams for entry which included physics, chem and maths

Aman Gupta 55 says:

I also made but short it in few functions 😂😂

aniket Singh says:

Sir how can I make my ai like this

Drake Cantrell says:

How you do that

Sinchan Bhattacharya says:

Which version you are using?
Please tell it fast and the video is cool man!

Diejoow! says:



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