Most AMAZING Examples Of Artificial Intelligence! (AI)

Check out the Most AMAZING Examples Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)! From deep learning sophisticated robots to machine learning computers, this top 10 list of incredible technology will amaze you!

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8. Siri
Most people don’t realize that there are several “levels” of artificial intelligence, and an example of a “lower tier AI” is that of Siri, the “digital assistant” to Apple device users.
Technically speaking, Siri is a “pseudo-intelligent digital personal assistant”. By that, they mean that while she can interact with you, she personally doesn’t start conversations.

7. Hal 9000
In the “Space Odyssey” book series by Arthur C. Clarke (and later the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey directed by Stanley Kubrick), the antagonist of the story was not a human, but rather, a learning computer, an AI, one named HAL 9000.
But it didn’t start out that way, HAL 9000 was actually built as part of a mission to Jupiter or Saturn

6. Alexa
Alexa is an AI device of a different nature, for this is a device meant to help you in all aspects of your home life. Much like most phone assistants, all you have to do to get Alexa to do something is talk to her, however, her range is what makes Alexa so valuable to many. A program like Siri is limited to what she has available in the device you have her on. In contrast, Alexa is only limited by what you have in your house.

5. Tesla Car
The company Tesla has been working hard to develop the next generation of cars, and to that end, they have given their cars their own version of AI, to the extent that these cars can drive themselves. They call this, “Autopilot”.
You likely may have seen versions of this where a car can parallel park on its own in order to fit into a space we would take forever to back into.

Online shopping is a way of life in the modern world, but what makes so special is that it actually senses and understands many of the things you buy, and then will give you ideas on what you should buy next.
This is referred to as a “Transactional A.I.”. This is because it’s something that is understood and refined over time.

3. Cortana
You might think I am talking about the Microsoft phone AI that you can get, or on your PC, but actually, I’m talking about the inspiration for said app. The Halo video game series is set in a very distant future, and in it, soldiers of great ability are given the strength and skills to take on many hostile alien life forms. But they are also given AI at times to help deal with the problems even more. Cortana is the AI that is given to the main character of most of the series, Master Chief.

2. Pandora
Pandora is a rather unique music site in that it uses Artificial Intelligence to help you find the next song that you “need” to listen to. To be clear, this isn’t a “random” selection. Rather, the people behind Pandora has imbued their “musical DNA’ into the AI.

1. Skynet
In all facets of life, there is the “worst case scenario”, and for artificial intelligence, most people fear that one day it will evolve into Skynet. Skynet is a fictional A.I. that was created by James Cameron in his legendary film, Terminator. As the films would explain- hopefully this is not a spoiler for you- this AI was built to be the great “helper” to humanity, but instead, it became its destroyer.

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