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MIT 6.034 Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2010
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Instructor: Mark Seifter

We start by discussing what a support vector is, using two-dimensional graphs as an example. We work Problem 1 of Quiz 4, Fall 2008: identifying support vectors, describing the classifier, and using a kernel function to project points into a new space.

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Efrain Noa Yarasca says:

I watch better videos than this one… crazy professor

JNS Studios says:


peaelle42 says:

such a nice TA.

yangyang BAI says:

which year of undergraduate was this course offered in mit ?

Nomoreidsleft says:

So far the best video about SVM on youtube.  A few more and I'm ready for class tomorrow.  Thanks.

Cesar vasquez porras says:

crazy …. the Artificial intelligence is very interesanting…it's greatttt

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