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MIT 6.034 Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2010
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Instructor: Mark Seifter

In this mega-recitation, we cover Problem 1 from Quiz 1, Fall 2009. We begin with the rules and assertions, then spend most of our time on backward chaining and drawing the goal tree for Part A. We end with a brief discussion of forward chaining.

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halil ibrahim Bengu says:

For the part 3 of the question 1. can we say that someone can live in 2 places at the same time as an assertion ?

ibealec says:

Hahahaha you can see Patrick in some shots, memorizing names of students. That's awesome!

Mohamed Benaichouche says:

Would adding this assertion answer quesion 1 "Milicent is S's friend"?

Haapavuo says:

He seems so frustrated… Woah… Even makes me hard to concentrate since he is wiggling around all the time.

at1with0 says:

In rule P2, it states: IF ?x lives in SD
THEN ?x is a villain
?x is ambitious.

Why does the word AND not appear there? Shouldn't it say this:
IF ?x lives in SD
THEN AND(?x is a villain, ?x is ambitious)

Or is adjacency meaning multiple things written next to each other automatically assumed to be conjunction?

If that is the case, why is AND ever used in these rules?

Panos Armagician says:

Amazing tutor!

Marc Hankel says:

Awesome! Thank you so much!

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