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Say hello to ATLAS, one of the most advanced humanoid robots ever built!

ATLAS was developed for DARPA by Boston Dynamics. Software-focused teams from Tracks B and C of the DARPA Robotics Challenge will use the robot to compete in the first physical competition of the Challenge in December 2013 at the Homestead-Miami Speedway.

The DARPA Robotics Challenge seeks to advance the technology necessary to create robots capable of assisting humans in disaster response.

For more information on ATLAS and the Challenge, please visit


thomaskingclark says:

A I Robots com, Aerospace Prototypes com & Military Prototypes com, I am looking for others to develop them.

Emperor of the Interweb, lord sausage of mash says:

I come from 2017 this robot now does unaided back flips

Audra A says:

I liked and I love this video

Jorge Rangel says:

syphon filter music

Markymoo21 says:

You mean, meat your maker

chi says:

who cares about the robot, whats the name of this fire music track?

ron gerard valero says:

We have found the new terminator

MiNaFleX [GD] says:

Atlas è la meta di terminator

Kush Mothilall says:

Bitch it's Ethan yo Ethan how you doing

Luciano Mendes says:


GamingElke says:

Advanced warefare or B3 anyone

Vincent P. Oswell says:

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you…
Our future demise within the next 50 or so years.

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