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How will Artificial Intelligence affect crime, war, justice, jobs, society and our very sense of being human? The rise of AI has the potential to transform our future more than any other technology—and there’s nobody better qualified or situated to explore that future than Max Tegmark, an MIT professor who’s helped mainstream research on how to keep AI beneficial.



Ac Dc says:

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Larry Beckham says:

i think that what AlphaGo has achieved and then i think of the "game" of discovering zero-day exploits to pwn the world's computer. I imagine it of great interest to the Three Letter Agencies everywhere.

Walrick2020 says:

Reminds me of the whole y2k thing from years ago.

Dev Rifter says:

puting common sense into machine is very dangarous, machine have to understand the concept of pain, death, good /evil, lesser evil, How can you explain for a machine that killing a human is wrong, but somhow killing a goat is ok?, If the machine can improve it self , it will understand that people are hypocratic creatures, and that they care only about themself, It will understand the true human nature, and the nature of life, Sicne true GAI could understand everything, what goals would it have? it will create matrix, because human brain takes only 20w but have organic way of procesing informations, AI is SATAN

Hubert Andrews says:

program righteous into A.I.

3ichard says:

Brexit wasn't about jobs, we want our sovereignty back from the EU.

César Aguilar says:

This guy is an idiot. Ruins each documentary in which he appears.

Little Monk says:

Max is out. He is paid by NASA to do a propaganda on the fake Apollo missions. Shame.

Futures says:

ethics in AI safety research sound mad considering the funding will be coming mainly from our most dangerous and psychotic components of culture namely the government and its military

p3tr0114 says:

@42:20 These options might interfere with having AI. For example, you may not be able to have superhuman AI if it's not able to control itself.

Cmdr. Sypher says:

We can not avoid building human nature into the machine. We can see what all the data from video's and games has taught our children and this data will be used to train machines. No one can argue that man has used his intelligence to destroy our planet and each other and machines will learn to do the same. Lets take hunting as an example? What does the machine learn from this? War while ugly as hell benefits many from a financial standpoint what will they learn from this? The very rich have the majority and most of them have little empathy towards the have not's what does this teach the machine. I think we should continue to develop tech it's impossible to stop now but before we teach machines anything we need to teach ourselves to act in a responsible way towards our planet and each other and let the data machines will learn from build reflecting that before they use it or they will be just like we are now. Not sure something super intelligent and powerful acting like we do today is a good thing. On the most simple of things they could learn from us is to lock up the food in boxes and allow us to starve to death if we cant buy it and then throw it away as opposed to giving it to starving homeless people. You get my point….

budes matpicu says:

great standup comedy, but… this "no harm AI" or "no killer AI" is just a laughable hypocrisy, something like (and I remember it) "no harm internet" or "no military hacking"… and there were people even couple of years ago when stuxnet happened wondering how could the military use "their sacred academic-created" internet and computers to attack Iran and its centrifuges… current "friendly AI" is of this kind, rather than bioweapons (not used exactly because poisonous gas did not become mainstream weapon – ineffective, massive retaliation inducing)… unfortunately, there WILL BE AI killer machines (if not already operating), and even their civilian versions (e.g. TESLA – decide whom to kill: mother with child on a sidewalk or you, if the other alternative is concrete wall or an incoming truck). Add 100% remote monitoring and control BY THE CORRUPT CRIMINAL GANGS called police (praetorians of criminal ruling establishment), of course with KILLER SWITCH (already reality with TESLA) which will get online report about your behavior and potential criminal activity by AI in your car (or their if they have all the data), and welcome in orwellohuxleyistan… => natural stupidity (and deliberate evil intentions) is much worse than artificial intelligence… and reality will be natural stupidity augmented by "dumb" narrow AIs

Deep Learning Partnership says:

The guy can't really talk properly.

Gringohuevon says:

Forget it..the cat is already out of the bag..any super intelligence worth its salt would immediatley commit suicide

Hair Tutorials & Reviews says:

Feed it GodFather and see what happens like – Elon Musk said

Anonymous Radio Redux says:

We focus a lot on AI.

Christopher Carr says:

What a simplistic dismissal of Dan Dennett's thinking on consciousness.

Gregory Good says:

It sounds like super strong AI needs great parents to raise it to have great values. Perhaps it will learn to be like us. Unfortunately it may also learn to be too much like us for our own good.

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