Maurice Conti | The Incredible Inventions of intuitive AI

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What do you get when you give a design tool a digital nervous system? Computers that improve our ability to think and imagine, and robotic systems that come up with (and build) radical new designs for bridges, cars, drones and much more โ€” all by themselves. Take a tour of the Augmented Age with futurist Maurice Conti and preview a time when robots and humans will work side-by-side to accomplish things neither could do alone.


Ryan Gill says:

If Elon Musk was in attendance for this presentation he would have literally gotten up on the stage and kicked the living fuck outta this guy in front of everyone

Nero C. Drusus says:

Why the fuck are there so many channels that copy what other channels output?


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SamChesterHD says:

Nice video!By the way I have leave a subscribe on your channel can you do the same to me?

Wavy says:

This who else listened to this on Podcasts and wanted to watch it?

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