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vallab says:

What we need today is; a historical perspective to understand the situation and a Scientific approach to deal with this issue of the exponential progress in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the threat of "Technological Unemployment" or the massive human job loss due to the rapid progress in the AI technology.

In my opinion the ROBOT, automation provides the great historical opportunity that the humankind has been waiting since the beginning; to liberate themselves from the drudgery, of human labor. The SERVITUDE, enslavement and oppression that majority of the population compelled to undergo in order to earn their living i.e. wages or income. According to my theory, the need of human labor is the root-cause of exploitation and leads to inequality and most of the evil in the hitherto societies. Therefore, with the progress in the AI technology we can gradually get rid and finally abolish the human labor for wage system and replace it with some other non-labor-binding “unconditional” guaranteed income system one may call it the Universal Basic Income or the UBI.

My book titled “An Alternative to Marxian Scientific Socialism: The Theory Reduction in Working Hours (RWH); ….” Published in the year 1981. More of its details in the links ,

The gist of the theory is; there must be A Gradual Reduction in Working Hours, finally to abolish the Wage labor completely. However, today, in the changing world situation, I realize that the Basic Income or the Equitable Universal Basic Income (UBI) fulfills the objectives of my Reduction in Working Hour Theory. Nevertheless, my theory views the UBI needs to be qualitatively different from many of its proponent, while they propose UBI as the supplement to the workers wage income on the other hand I say it should be a complete replacement of the wage labor, in the sense “UBI SHOULD ALLOW THE PEOPLE TO BECOME TOTALLY FREE FROM THE DRUDGERY OF THEIR WORK OR THE WAGE-LABOR- SLAVERY, IF THEY WANT. This will also encourage a substantial portion of the laboring population to quit their jobs which will positively result in the increase in the employment, wages and the AI automation. The recommendation of an adequate amount of UBI without having the compulsion of wage-labor, mean ZERO WORK or LABOR for those who would opt for it, which is final GOAL of the RWH Theory. Today, I prefer the name Zero Work Theory (ZWT). I have explained more about this theory in my blog.

The principle behind the ZWT is that the fruits of the progress in the science and technological in the human society should not be appropriated or accumulated by only a few but it is their historical responsibility and every people concerned, to see to it that the benefit should be equally shared among all members of the society.

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