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The fourth industrial revolution is upon us: machines infused with intelligence. This transformation will transform how manufacturing works today, making it 30% faster and 25% cheaper because a machine will know when it makes a mistake and will correct itself. He estimates that the next generation of industrialization could save the food industry alone $50 billion dollars a year. Markus Lorenz explores the many ways this manufacturing revolution will impact the economy, and what kinds of other jobs this new chapter will create.

TED@BCG was a TED-curated event featuring a diverse group of speakers from across the BCG community. Jointly produced by TED and BCG, the event put a spotlight on ideas, projects and insights that will contribute to the pursuit of growing ever onward and upward.

About the TED Institute: We know that innovative ideas and fresh approaches to challenging problems can be discovered inside visionary companies around the world. The TED Institute helps surface and share these insights. Every year, TED works with a group of select companies and foundations to identify internal ideators, inventors, connectors, and creators. Drawing on the same rigorous regimen that has prepared speakers for the TED main stage, TED Institute works closely with each partner, overseeing curation and providing intensive one-on-one talk development to sharpen and fine tune ideas.

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John theux says:

Nobody think the future will be designed by people like this xD

Thành Công says:

4:50 he's sleeping (( sweet dream ))))))))

Isuru Karunarathna says:

What is difference between that examples given for the crane scenario

audrey says:

nda ngerti bahasa inggris 🙂

илья некрасов says:

translate this video on Russian, please

Suzan Tk says:

"Imagine yourself stack in Africa" why the fuck do you have to keep saying that???
a total stupid portrayal of Africa!

Russian Métropolitan says:

Thé chavs would never be able to do these jobs

Mukesh Pal says:

Industry 4.0 is revolutionary concept in production industry. It will increase the production without any loss. It is like we utilise the complete space of the factory smartly.

john Doe says:

oh boy….why africa

john Doe says:

survival of the fittest

Kênh chia sẻ kiến thức và giải trí tổng hợp says:

I just subrice your channel, may your subrice to me

Ramesh Kumar says:

Go for it if you have issues with production volume, safety or ergonomic issues. Other wise you spend more money on paying the maintenance engineers than the manual workers. Not to forget the high fixed cost which will take years to recover.

Jake says:

will they ever be connected or will greed and competitive business prevent a universal machine language or protocol from ever coming to light?

João says:

what a fake news… 4.0 is not about industrialization and automation… have you ever went to a Mechanical Engineer Course?

Filip Bačík says:

What if i tell you 4.0 industry allow you to feed family without going to job

dots says:


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