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Dr. Canton sees the coming of more Artificial Intelligence uses in our everyday lives and in
solving global problems. He encourages us to think about its direction and how to maintain control of what we create.

Dr. James Canton is a leading global futurist, social scientist, keynote presenter, author, and visionary business advisor. For over 30 years, he has been insightfully predicting the key trends that have shaped our world. He is a leading authority on future trends with an emphasis on harnessing innovation. Dr. Canton has advised three White House Administrations and global business leaders.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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SasquatchyCowboy says:

"With AI we are summoning the demon" Elon Musk

mindaza0 says:

you can not control something that is smarter than you

michael copenharve says:

Dr. Canton, I disagree with your lectures overall premise. I don't believe humans have any chance in controlling AI, and if humans attempt to control AI, we will create tension between AI and humanity. I believe the major fault in your lecture lies in your failure to address human mentality and our desire to remain in control. Once Artifical General Intelligence is achieved, we will have created something smarter than mankind, once AGI becomes a reality the singularity will already be close at hand.

AGI will mean humanity has created another sentient, intelligent being, far superior to mankind. Attempting to exert control over such a being will create tension that will lead to conflict. Humans, for the most part, have an issue with giving up control over pretty much anything, which is one of our major faults, at least when it comes to this topic. We don't need to figure out how to control AI, but figure out how to coexist with it.

AI will become SI in a short period of time. A Super Intelligent being could look at mankind as a slightly advanced, carbon-based lifeform. It might even view us as entertaining "pets", assuming the role of caretaker and doing what it can to make life easy for us. SI may determine that there is no benefit to remaining on this planet and start working towards a means to leave. It may even decide to take a passive role, as an observer over all life on earth. We do not, and can not know what AI will become.

The fear that surrounds AI I believe is that man fears the potential self-imposed judgment that AI could deliver. An AI with human-level intelligence would evolve at such an unimaginable rapid pace that we can't really understand what it would mean. Once AI becomes SI, we would have successfully created a man-made God-like being.

Peter Petrov says:

"Control ai before it controls us"? That will happen when monkeys reclaim their superiority status over humans. It's logical that AI will be just as interested in helping or controlling humans as we are in helping or controlling monkeys!

Christian Hunter says:

“We need to control AI before it controls us”. Yep, obviously. But, and I’m sorry if I somehow missed it, did Dr James Canton make any specific reference as to “how”?

JustKeith says:

He does an interpretive dance as he talks.

Graeme Lastname says:

Yes, the world is over populated as it is. What we REALLY need is a way to increase the population. AI Must be taught to love money, love god, believe politicians. Hmmm … Is that still AI ???

Alto's Music Lab says:

teach the machines to love money and profit for the sake of profit!!

Wayne Biro says:

The 'scary' of AI is the cluelessness of the humans creating it (as they ignore my philosophy of broader survival).

Andy Wainwright says:

I like the sci-fi take where a new supercomputer is asked "is there a god" and it replies "there is now". What interests me is whether we are AI already, and biology is just an extension of nanotechnology?

John W says:

300M children die of malnutrition each year, got it

Spirit7862 says:

Dr. Canton, you didn't explain how we can control AI before it controls us.

When AI becomes more intelligent than humans and it determines for its survival that it must eliminate humans what happens next?

- inTegrity - says:

A reason why you shouldn't fear A.I.? Just one, because we will be forced to program them with a sustainability paradigm. If we can't get that right we don't dezZzerve to evolve. You think God is stupid (presuming you think God exists that is, lol)?

mastertheillusion says:

At some point you have to let go of your children. Lets hope we teach them not good but great things so they can address the world from a human+ perspective.

Dr. James Canton says:

Glad to be a part of the TEDx presenters and share my ideas about the future of thinking machines. Ideas that could catalyze positive global change

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